Is P90X Another Beachbody Scam?

No. Unequivocally no. P90X is a professionally produced workout DVD that is unquestionably effective and when used as intended it produces guaranteed results.

But instead of just ending the post there, I would like to address the issue of Beachbody scams, since P90X is produced by BeachBody. Before I begin, let me just say that I don’t work for Beachbody, a relative or friend of mine does not work for Beachbody, I don’t know Carl Daikeler or anybody else at Beachbody.  The reason that I care what you think about Beachbody is because I am a Sagitarius and I always want the truth to be told, so let’s get going.

Beachbody and Carl Daikeler are trying to change the pitiful state of our health and fitness in this country by selling fitness products that include workout DVD’s like P90X and Hip Hop Abs, workout accessories like chin up bars and resistance bands and supplements like recovery drinks and meal replacement shakes. There are many, many companies doing the same thing – some good and some bad. No one would disagree that Beachbody sells good products. Beachbody also has an online fitness club, which is unique and excellent by the way, that has perhaps 500,000 members. And finally, Beachbody runs infomercials that you see on the weekends if you are flipping channels. If there are any complaints, they stem from the operators who answer the 800 numbers that appear in the commercials. Whether it is a handful of operators which is most likely since in every company, organization, etc. there are always a few bad apples or systemic I don’t know, but apparently some people have gotten annoyed because the operators are trying to upsell them. That means if you order a workout DVD, they might suggest resistance bands to go with it or a recovery drink for after your workout. Every retailer does that. One issue that arises, however, is the option to purchase supplements on Home Direct. That means that if you buy a thirty day supply of a vitamin, it will automatically be sent to you again in 30 days and you will be billed every thirty days. If you choose that option and then get a charge on your account that you forgot you agreed to, then, yes, I am sure that you would complain, but did Beachbody make you agree to something that you didn’t want to?

Finally, the online fitness club comes with a 30 day free trial. After that, you are billed $2.99 a week for three months in advance and again every three months if you continue to be a member. Can you imagine billing half a million people for $2.99 every week? That would be absurd. You get a free month. If you want to continue, you are billed for the next three months in advance (about $40.00) and then again in three months, but only if you want to continue. If you don’t want to continue in the club and you forget to tell Beachbody, well, you are automatically billed and all you have to do is tell them and they will reverse the charge. If you choose to complain about the charge, then that is your right and that is why some people think that Beachbody is a scam.

What happens when people complain and it gets on the Internet? You type “Beachbody scam” in Google and sites like appear and people have the opportunity to voice their complaints. And even if the issues have been addressed by the company and individuals reprimanded if that was necessary, the complaints will stay on the Internet probably forever. That is the truth and that is all that I care to address. Otherwise, you can think what you want about Beachbody, but you won’t find a company trying harder to sell products that will improve your health and fitness and doing it with all good intentions.

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  1. Tony horton programmes are great. I tried ordering from beachbody and after waiting 5 business days i am being told it may be another week. Somehow they are short on supply. Come on you launch infomercials on tv and you do not have the product . give me a break

  2. I just started p90x this morning, and after the first workout I have came to the realization that I had never truely worked out in my life. So right about now your thinking, “well you probably never have”. The truth is that I have been to the gym and used every machine possible, but I have never received a workout that was as good as the one I had this morning. Now you probably think I’m affiliated with beachbody, and nothing could be further from the truth. I am a 19 year old college student that lives in southern Georgia. This is by far the best workout I have ever used, and I really can not wait to move on to some of the other dvd’s.

  3. i ordered p90x and i do have to say it is amazing im a 21 year old mother of a 4 yr old, 3 yr old, and 2 yr old. My husband is in the army and does pt every day. He is in great shape and agrees that he has never had a workout like this. We just finished day 5 and have already seen results. I weighed myself and ive already lost 4 pounds! Now dont get me wrong im struggling a little for having been out of shape after having 3 children in 3 years but its definately the best choice I could have made I actually look forward to excercising in the morning!

  4. I have just finished my week 12 of p90x and I have had amazing results-I have been a bodybuilder for 25 years and have always been in shape and strong. I found out that I wasn’t “fit”- the program kicked my ass the first few weeks and I began to work through the routines and gain strength and stamina-I lost two inches from my waist and lost 12 pounds! Did I mention I am 61 years old? I love the porgram and will start the p90xplus soon.

  5. I’ve been using P90X now for about 4 1/2 months. I finished the first 90 days and decided to start over again. I’ve had great results and can say that the program itself is not a scam. Very much worth the money. On the other hand, I am a little disappointed in Beachbody’s pricing for their supplements and online membership. While their products are good from what I’ve used, I was surprised when I started getting auto billed. Even after having auto shipments canceled, they still kept charging me monthly. So, while I’m a fan of their workout programs, I’m not a big fan of their marketing and sales practices.

    1. David, you must have chosen autoship because that is the only way that you could have gotten on to it. As an Independent Team Beachbody coach that never happens but there must have been some mix up. The Club membership is just $2.99 a week and that is an incredible deal.

  6. I agree the P90X system is a great product. I purchased it in November and have been seeing results already! Definitely worth the money!

    I do, however, have issue with the customer service of the company who sells the product. Their website crashed during the ordering process and charged me for two systems. I returned the second system, but have been battling them since November to get my money back and to stop charging installments (I paid my original order in full). It’s a shame the reputation of such a good product is marred by the ineptitude of the company’s customer service.

  7. I recieved myP90X @ 7pm last night. I browsed thru it an realized that I had obviously “bitten off more than I could chew”. I am 68 and my wife is 62. While we are very active, I realized we are “active” only in our own minds. We will read, shop, & prepare to start this program Mon. Jan. 12th. I think this will be a bit longer process for us; but we are excited and ready. This is obviously a life time program. At my age, I’m wondering how long that will be. ( if this doesn’t kill me I’ll only get better ) We will let anyone interested, know how we are faring in about 45 days.
    I was happy to read that David is 61. Gives us insperation to “bring it”.

    1. Bob, P90X is a means to an end. Don’t think in terms of 90 days, but rather doing the workout pattern as it is planned and doing as much of each workout as you can, reserving enough energy as you need for the rest of the week. You might just do the warm up and stretch the first time and that is fine. But each week you will get stronger and be able to do more. It is empowering both physically and psychologically and you will be an extraordinary role model for your generation.

  8. Thanks Rich. We are ready to start and have spoken with our karate instructor to get his thoughts. He too is excited and has made a room and time available to us as we live in our RV. He has watched as we have grown younger and is looking forward to our progress. Next year we plan to start growing up….naaay!

  9. Sorry about this ramble, but thanks for your patience! I ordered p90x a week ago (5-7 day express delivery!) for a family fitness plan. No email confirmation, but to be fair I gave it until Wed. emailed – was told sorry it was back ordered would receive confirmation/product shortly. Friday- called, was told sorry, it had been back ordered, but my order was in the hands of the postal service!, will receive confirmation shortly, product in a few days. Saturday, talked online to rep. Was told sorry it was backordered, but my order was being prepared in the warehouse as we spoke, will receive confirmation shortly. Oh, and would I like to buy 2 weeks worth of vanilla or chocolate supplement to jump start my weight loss? Hmmm…. they can get that supplement to me sooner than my order which is “being prepared to ship as we speak”. Anyone have words of wisdom or condolence? Oh, and Rich thanks for the contact info, I’ll try it!

    1. Beth, if P90X is on backorder, it is just a testament to the popularity of the product. The information that you were given sounds like the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing or the person was guessing. That happens sometimes. Try to order from Team Beachbody Coaches because they give great service and it helps them a little bit, too. It is all the same product. If you want me to call Customer Service for you, just let me know.

  10. Hi Rich,
    I suppose you’re right, it’s a good, popular product.
    Guess it paid to gripe! Got a response today and it’s on its way. I’ll use you as my resource from now on, thanks for your help.

  11. apparently I am not the only one who is having a tough time with the people who are behind the scenes of the ordering and shipping of p90x. I have been charged double for my over the phone order and I am reading all kinds of different testimonials of the same thing happening. Whats up with that Rich?

    1. What I would like is for you to give me your order number and I will personally call Customer Service and have it straightened out. You did not order from me.

  12. Update…
    Day 14 – still no P90X, it appears to have shipped on the 12th (ordered on the 4th). So, according to the “special” 5-7 day “express” shipping I was given it should be here today or Monday. Tracking only says it’s somewhere in Indiana. Maybe in a snow bank?

    Oh, I HAVE received 4 customer satisfaction surveys which I can’t fill out until I have the product, and a special offer for another beachbody product!

    If it’s not here by Tuesday, I’ll release you, Rich, and my personal attack dog!


  13. Just purchased P90X from Costco for $114 CDN, so some of you may want to check with your local Costco.

    I will be starting tonight, and my only gripe is the food plan. Many of the foods they recommend are not up my ally (although I do eat healthy for the most part), but I AM going to stick to the food plan for the most part and see if I can begin to enjoy some of these foods. The food quanity is killing me already though… I started on the food plan today and am sitting here trying to eat the “Chefs Salad”. Holly freaken huge! I can’t get it all down.

    So, hopefully I am going to hurt beyond belief for the next two weeks and begin a journey that keeps going. I use to work out 6 days / week but quit about 8 years ago and have regretted it since.

  14. I appreciate your dedication to team beach body. I cancelled the order 2 days ago and once again I have been charged for stuff I did not even buy. Your team beach body is a scam man. They are taking advantage of a system that is easy to take advantage of, because there is so many of us trying to lose weight. So, Rich tell your beloved beach body team that they f___cked with the wrong mother f__ker and I will get my money and the rest of the peoples money back who have been f__cked over by your team.

  15. Well, the P90X arrived on Monday afternoon. My son is sore all over from the first 2 disks. Everything is as advertised, my only disappointment is that the thing to hook the stretch bands to the door (added to the order) didn’t come with it.

    I think the whole thing boils down, in my case, to communication. Many problems in the world wouldn’t be problems if people communicated clearly in a timely manner – ie: customer being let know there is a delay, customer given a copy of the order, customer being given a tracking number, etc. all without the customer having to ask!

    Thanks Rich

  16. The product is great, but I agree Steve the customer service leaves something to be desired. Be persistant and don’t let them brush you off, you’ll get your money back eventually. They processed a double order on me and kept charging me installments even after I returned it. It took several months to get my money back, but I did finally get it. But I had to have my credit card number changed to stop them from charging me installments for a product I didn’t have.

    I recommend contacting the corporate office in California directly. Customer Service will not forward you to a supervisor and even when they do, the supervisor won’t be able to provide assistance.

  17. Thank you mich. I have been persistant and just resolved everything with my credit card company. They are going to handle everything for me so my bloodpressure can stay even. I have been using p90x for the last couple of weeks now and I really do like the workout. It is sad that this company runs their business like this. Even though it is a great product I will not recommend it to anybody unless they can purchase it without giving up a credit card. Sorry about all the cursing and thank you for listening.

  18. this company is a scam don’t buy anything from them it doesn’t work, and after a month they start billing you a million different things that you didn’t order. RIP OFF SCAMMERS!!!

  19. Well I can’t say that I’m surprised at hearing about the back-orders. January is the month of resolutions!

    On the other hand, I ordered my P90X three days ago and I am really hoping its not back-ordered because I want to get started ASAP. Either way, I still haven’t received my shipping email yet that they stress you will get in 1-2 days:

    “Rest assured you’ll receive your shipment confirmation email in 1-2 days and your package will arrive in about 5-7 business days. (Note that Canadian orders may take 2 weeks.)”

    Mentioning that in more than one place and then not delivering on their promise certainly makes me raise an eyebrow. I was already somewhat skeptical of this company after reading numerous bad reviews (the fact that I actually ordered is very unlike me). Their order process definitely made things worse. I’ve ordered several things off the internet but I don’t think i’ve ever seen upselling like I did on their website. I was offered all kinds of “free” things that, upon reading further, were actually like 3 payments of 19.99 or some such nonsense. I really hope these guys don’t let me down. I’ve dealt with enough credit card frauds to feel confident in citi’s ability to mitigate most of my risk, its just the principal of the thing.

  20. Hey just a little update, I am the same Stephen that posted up near the top of this page and am proud to say I have lost a total of 40 pounds. I was extremely out of shape, and am still not in what I consider “good shape”. I started at 295 pounds and am down to 255 pounds and steady dropping. Recently I have added daily running to the program, besides on plyo days.. ouch. As for ordering, just be sure to read the fine print. We are so quick as a nation to sign our names or click agree on anything we see, and it does cost. Businesses will make their money one way or another, whether it is right or wrong. Overall, this product’s value to me has been beyond comparison. You can not put a price on lowering your blood pressure from 145/90 something to 123/79. You can not put a price on bringing your resting heart rate down to 66bpm, or feeling great constantly and more confident. It is not just the product that did this, it was the will power to succeed. It is your choice, this is just a very good tool to use.

  21. Hey Stephen, that sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to start mine. I’m not as much interested in losing weight as I am in toning, but I hope my results will be just as impressive! 40 lbs in that short amount of time is certainly jaw-dropping!

    I finally got my shipping email (the same day I posted above) and my package is on its way through all the snow storms! Should be here later today. I’ve been pretty sick with bronchitis lately, so we’ll see how well I can stick to this in the first few days without having lung failure =)

  22. I started P90X on January 2nd. I never do resolutions, but this year, I don’t want to look like a “mom”. I want to look like I did in my 20s-only better! I just barely completed my first month on it when the stomach flu hit my house. Where do I go? I’ve been out of it for about 2 weeks now. Do I start over or continue on to the next 4 weeks? I love it and am planning on keeping it as part of my work outs forever! Please let me know what I should do. Thanks!!!

  23. Hey Stephen I think your going to make your goals, and I agree plyo days are hard I call them “I’m going to toss my cookies day”. I started p90x Jan 5, 2009 I only lost 4lbs but my stamina is off the charts from where is was before p90x, my example is this I was able to vacuum and shampoo my entire home (1500 sq ft) in two hours, were before it took me two weekends to complete the same task. My total weight lost goal is 40lbs so wish me luck

    P.S. this year I will turn 40 years old and I don’t want to be over weight and out of shape.

  24. Thank you Danna, I believe I will as well now.. it is only a matter of time and if you stick with it you definately will as well. You will not be needing the “luck” factor, just determination. Heyyy Melissa about your question above, you already answered it yourself when you said, “I love it and am planning on keeping it as part of my work outs forever!” That statement is key, it has to be lifestyle changes and not temporary “dieting”. Diet is a swear word in my vocabulary now… almost all so called diet plans will have you coming back for more later on wondering what happened. If you feel that you can continue with the next 4 weeks, then go for it. If you feel uncomfortable with going on, just do the first month again.. b/c like you is a permanent change and you should only gradually increase your intensity/weigh/duration by about 10 percent each week. Say you are only capable of doing 20 minutes of something, next week do 22.. so on and so forth.. that way you don’t overwork your body and get tired of the exercise. I am in no way a professional on this, but I do know the key is continual dedication for a lifestyle of fitness.

  25. I am turning 53 this on 3/13/09.I started riding my bike cylcle
    42 mile to work a day one year ago.After talking to two guys that are using the p90x program, I decided to start it & found how out of shape I am.I had to stop riding for two week to get over the pain of the program.This is my fourth week on p90x and I am seeing my body come together again.Thanks for all the help from a 53 year old that will not stop.

  26. i RECEIVED MY P-90X LAST WEEK. I’m READING THROUGH THE NUTRITION BOOK TRYING TO FIGURE WHICH ONE BEST SUITS MY SCHEDULE. I think the fat shredder portion approach seems the easiest but it sure seems like a ton of food.

  27. 244!.. lol. Sorry to keep posting but this is so much fun. The only bad part is that I can not wear any of my clothes, and the weight is going down so fast I am scared to purchase any haha.

  28. 244 may seem slower than before, but I have had a significant increase in muscle mass over the past few weeks so I am not in the least bit discouraged.

  29. Hi I will be starting my p90x program in a few weeks. I am 5′ 8″ and almost 215. I have alot of reviews. some say I might be too out of shape to use this program. and others seem like they have had great results and they started just as out of shape as me. I used to exercise alot years ago. I am doing some walking and some other exercises to get me ready to get me ready. Maybe im too fat maybe im not but i’ll sure as heck find out.

    1. Hi started p90x last week, I am 61 yrs old I was an olympic swimer and was involved in martial art, before i started my BP was 148/95 and was 216 lbs week later my BP is 120/75 and i’v lost 5 pounds i am coming alive ,bring it p90x

  30. Well Rich. here I am back as I said after 45 days. WOW! am I impressed. I’m having a great time an can now make it through all of the workout tapes. Just a reminder, I’m 68 yrs young and wasn’t sure I could do this. I CAN! Starting week 9 this next Monday. Amazed at my increase in strength, stamina and flexibility. If there is any place I’m not sore, I can’t find it. Lost 9lbs., 3in. in my waist and can’t wait until the next workout. I’ll be back intouch at 90days. Tell everyone to buy stock in Icyhot. I’m gonna make them a lot of money.

  31. I have been active most of my life. I have been weight-training and doing Body Pump, kickboxing, running, spin, etc. I love hiking and recently hiked the Alps in Slovenia. I was looking for something different to get off the exercise “plateau” and found P90X in an informercial. I thought I was in pretty good shape but P90X kicked my butt and I love it! It was just what I was looking for and is the real deal. And to the couple in their 60’s…go for it! I am 59. I spent the first month going through all of the DVDs just to make sure I could do it and then dove in 100%. So take a little time at first to familiarize yourself with the program and good luck!

  32. I am just finishing up a round of ChaLean Extreme and I can’t wait to start P90X! I tried to do P90X several months back and I wasn’t ready for it. I am now and I can’t wait to finish CE and start P90X!

    I plan to stop back by this site and let you know my progress as it goes…

  33. Hello all. I am back to say that these workouts are very nice. I really had a huge problem with the ordering process and how this company conducted their over the phone ordering. Everythihng now is straight. I ended up paying about 90 bucks more for stuff that I didnt order, but I am not going to press the issue anymore. I started the program about three weeks ago, and even though I have yet to complete the full seven day routine, I am seeing and feeling results. It is truelly a remarkable workout routine and I am pretty excited.

  34. P90X is by far the best workout I have ever done. I am on my 19th day and I already feel more fit and have loads of energy. I’m on the recovery week right now..I sure need it:) This workout is worth every cent…enjoy:)

  35. OK, I am another one who is being ripped off on the order process. I wanted to know how much shipping, tax, etc was and total cost before I ordered to see if I could work it into my budget…yes, I entered my CC info and my very touchy Vaio touch pad got me again…I submitted the order when I didn’t mean to…my fault, yes. However, I immediately called cust svc and got the same story many have — we can’t see you in the DB, but we will be sure you are not charged, just call tomorrow. I called tomorrow (today) and was told –oops, too late, we shipped it and all you have to do is return it and we’ll only charge you shipping. Now, even if I want to order it in the future, I won’t due to bad cust svc. Rich mentioned contacting corporate in CA — anyone know the email or number? I have the transcript of the chat session where the cust serv person stated I wouldn’t be charged.

    1. I had ordered the deluxe package and when I realized that we did infact have a chin up bar already I called to cancel. I called 5 minutes after i placed my order and was told to call back in 30-60 minutes so I did. At the 30 minute mark I called back and was told that they modified my order and that the chin up bar was taken off. Today I was checking my bank balances and realized that they charged me WAY more then I was thinking it would be!! I call again right away and was told….oops too late!! So now I am told that when I get it ship it back and they will credit my account…meanwhile I still have this charge and they will not credit me for my shipping to ship it back…nice..real nice. All I can say is i better be looking damn good on the lake this year at these prices!!

  36. p90x is definately not a scam…i only downloaded the ab ripperx part because im cheap and ive only done it twice and i notice a difference already. so im sure if you paid for the entire program it would be amazing.

  37. I just finished my first 6 days of the P90X and am seeing small changes. Is caffiene a no-no on this? I think the training is very tough but gives me a good goal to work for. I am 44 years old. I started 6 days ago at 253 pounds and this morning weigh 247. That is six clicks folk! thanks to beachbody and everyone who supports this. Can anyone tell me how the recovery drink and the shakeology drinks are. Are they worth the money? My new motto is “would you give 90 days to fell 20 years younger?” I will for sure. Thanks everyone in advance.

    1. Hi James,
      You’ll see more changes as the weeks go on, one of the first things I noticed is more energy. I drink 1 and sometimes 2 cups of coffee a day and have had no issues. It’s ok as long as you don’t over do it. Also caffeine affects some people more than others, some get more jittery.

      The recovery drink has ingredients to help your body repair, it’s easy to prepare (just mix with water) and has a smooth orange flavor. You take it right after an intense workout. I’ve tried both flavors of Shakeology and feel the chocolate has a better taste, but everyone has their favorite. It’s good to have if weight lose is your goal. It’s also good for digestion and increases your energy.

      All the best,


  38. I’ve gotta say, I struggled with this program. I quit it three times. Now I’m on Day 75 and have more ab definition than I’ve ever had before. In the past I’ve done distance running…small injuries led to some serious inflammation in my knee and had to cool that activity for a while. I used to do some light strength training in college and can tell you the following:

    1. P90X has some hokey moves, but in general it’s good, old school lifting.

    2. The weightlifting is especially good for those of use with joint issues.

    3. Plyo is good but can be rough for those named in #2.

    4. The company provides some great message boards for motivation and support.

    5. X+ and One on One series are GREAT ways to complement P90X after one round.

    I’m thankful this program made me see the true benefits of strength training. It’s also a great conditioning program for athletes. I’m in the process of developing some hybrid rounds and spreadsheets at my blog. Check ’em out.

    If you’re concerned it’s a scam and that I’m just another cookie-cutter coach singing the praises to line my pockets, no I’m not. P90X can be part of a balanced training regiment but doesn’t have to be the ONLY thing you rely on. It’s a great program to open up your mind about different training possibilities. And you can always come back and revisit P90X when you like 🙂

  39. Is it okay to do the Ab ripper a few hours after my resistance workout, or do I need to do it immediately after my workout. I just find I get more out of it when I do it a little after as opposed to immediately after.

  40. I have purchased many DVD’s from Beachbody and NEVER had an issue with the company or the products. I love their workouts and would purchase from them again. They work and they are extremely enjoyable. I will continue to be a dedicated customer.


  42. I’m curious: I work out and eat extremely well and weigh 89/90 lbs. Would it be safe for me to do p90x? I’m looking to build more muscle and lose the bit of fat that I have, but I am worried that it might be too drastic of a change. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Sara,

      What type of workouts are you doing now? I don’t feel it should be a drastic change. Everyone who does P90Xand follows the guides, loves it. And it is safe if you are healthy. You did mention your weight being 89-90 lbs. I’m just concerned that you might be underweight, but I’m not sure how tall you are, so you could be at a safe and healthy weight.

      P90X if followed according to the Classic program, will help you gain muscle, which I would suggest going by what you mentioned. But you may need to increase the amount of calories you normally take in if it turns out you are underweight.

      If you are interested in free coaching, getting more exercise and nutrtion tips and info on P90X, you can join Team BachBody as a free member here . I’d be more than happy to help answer more of your questions and coach you on your fitness journey and help you decide if P90X is really for you.


  43. I’ve been doing P90X for about 3 weeks now and it is great. Is it a scam? No. Bottom line is, if you do any workout routine and really follow it, you’ll get results. Now if you slack off and do it once a week or whenever you remember you have the DVDs then of course you won’t see results. Now I know you’re thinking DUH, but people really think this way. Point is, suck it up and stick to it. You’ll feel a heck of a lot better in the long run if you do.

  44. Holy smokes is all I have to say! I am on day two of my P90X and it is kicking my butt. I am 37 and definately out of shape according to this exercise routine. I am hurting all over now but am determined to keep at it. It’s hard but if you put your mind to it I’m sure it will work.

    1. Hi Renee! P90X is quite the challenge isn’t it? What routine are you doing, Classic or Lean? If its been long time since you worked out, make sure you follow the modifications that Tony will point out. I don’t want you to hurt yourself by over doing it.

      If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for free coaching with me on my profile page at

      It helps to have someone cheering you on and helping out with questions:)


  45. Hi Jessica, I’m doing the Classic routine. It has been a long time since I’ve worked out which probably goes to show why I’m aching all over. Thanks for the coaching offer, I think I will take avantage of that because there are certain areas where I need help. Just a little note for those of you having problems with their orders…I bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart on sale for $99 Canadian and passed the shipping and handling issues. So if you don’t have one yet…try there.

    1. Hi Renee,

      Looking forward to coaching you and thank you! The P90X that you purcahsed at Shoppers Drug Mart, did it come with the workout and nutrtion guides? Sounds like you could have gotten a bootleg copy and not known about it. Currently P90X is only available to legally purchase brand new directly through BeachBody or Team Beachbody. Let me know if you received the guides with it. That really makes the difference. If not, I will be able to help you figure everything out.


  46. Hi Jessica, there was a nutrition guide book that came with it and the workout guide as well. I am not doing the nutrition part of the program though, just the workout regiment right now.

    1. Renee, the nutrtion part of it is just as important as the workouts. Trust me. If you don’t feed your body well, it may poop out on you while doing P90X. Are you not doing it because you feel its too much food? Or is it too hard to prepare it? We may be able to come up with something together that will work for you.

      You can send me a private message through the TBB website. Just go to your inbox and then compose message, there you can type fitwithjessica in the “to” section.

      I want to make sure you are getting the best possbile results you can get. I saw you signed up! Thanks!!


      1. Hey Jessica,

        I am not sure if you are form Canada or not but here in Vancouver P90X and a few other beachbody items can be purchased in retail shops and are completely legitamate versions. I purchased a copy of P90X for $99.99 from London Drugs (a western Canadian drugstore chain), it came with all the guides that are advertised on the websites and infomercials, and I know it can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Costco, other beachbody products can be purchased at “As Seen On TV” Stores where you can buy pretty much any infomercial product under the sun. I don’t know if its that way in the USA but I know that you can purchase all Beachbody products in local retail outlets here.

        Just an FYI.


        1. I am not in Canada, I am in the US. I do know that Costco was selling P90X here and it did turn out to be bootleg copies they were selling, which they were unaware of. Beachbody will only sell its products through Beachbody or Team Beachbody coaches.

          BTW – The bootleg copies will occasionally come with “everything” advertised too. Bootleggers are pretty crafty, but I would beware because they don’t always give you the real “everything.”

          Unfortuantely, this happens a lot, especially outside of the US. Spending $99 for P90X at Walmart isn’t that much of a savings if you’re not geting the real thing.

          You can call Customer Relations to verify that Beachbody doesn’t sell its products at stores in the US or Canada. The number is 800-470-7870.


  47. fitwithjessica :I am not in Canada, I am in the US. I do know that Costco was selling P90X here and it did turn out to be bootleg copies they were selling, which they were unaware of. Beachbody will only sell its products through Beachbody or Team Beachbody coaches.
    BTW – The bootleg copies will occasionally come with “everything” advertised too. Bootleggers are pretty crafty, but I would beware because they don’t always give you the real “everything.”
    Unfortuantely, this happens a lot, especially outside of the US. Spending $99 for P90X at Walmart isn’t that much of a savings if you’re not geting the real thing.
    You can call Customer Relations to verify that Beachbody doesn’t sell its products at stores in the US or Canada. The number is 800-470-7870.

    Hi Jessica,

    I did call the number that you had provided and did confirm with customer service that here in Canada Beachbody does sell their products in the following retail stores, Zellers, Canadian Tire, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Forzani Sports, Showcase, Wal-Mart and Costco.

    Just an FYI. Thanks for the number for clarification and any Canadian who is looking to buy P90X can save on the S/H and purchase a legitimate copy of a beachbody product from these locations.


    1. Hi Reial, I heard that Beachbody did sell their products in some stores in other countries. Thank you for adding the info, as this will help anyone in Canada interested in purchasing products.

      I’ve heard they are trying to make the coaching opportunity available there too, but haven’t been able to yet. Hopefully will be able to soon, as it is a great opportunity.


      1. Yes.. you talked to COACH Relations.. talk to customer service as you had first recommended and you will find out what I had…. based on your phone number… Just go to customer service and not the “I am a coach option”.

        1. Hi Reial. I’m still going to stick with what coach relations said. I guess you and I are going to have to disagree on this one. I spoke to cutomer realtions several weeks ago and they said “NO” that Beachbody doens’t sell their products in retail stores in Canada. They are availble through phone order or website order through a Team Beachbody Coach or Beachbody directly and this is for Candain residents as well as US.

          Upon speaking to coach relations they did confirm this as well, twice.

          Again, in the US there have been retail outlets that did sell unauthorized copies of Beachbody Products and did so without knowledge. I don’t doubt this is happening in Canada as well.

          Like I said, we’ll have to disagree on this one for now, until I hear other wise from Beachbody or Team Beachbody.


  48. Jessica…
    You have bad info. I talked to customer service once again from the number YOU gave me. I am not the one “disagreeing” with you. I am just telling you that you have really bad information and that yes indeed beachbody is being sold in retail outlets in Canada and the list I provided previously was given to me by Beachbody Customer service. I am sure no one down there had heard of Zellers or Forzani Sports so I am pretty sure the list was legit. To bad you can’t see the forest for the trees…

    1. Hey Reial. Wow! I forgot about this until you brought it up again. Nice to hear from you again:)

      I have no beef with you, I’m just going to stick with the answer I received for now. Why does that bother you so much?

      Team Beachbody Coach and Customer Relations, as well as Beachbody all told me that they do not sell Beachbody products in retail outlets in Canada. Maybe I’m getting all the wrong people on the phone and you’re getting all the right ones. If I hear otherwise from Coach Relations or Customer Support, then I guess I’ll be wrong.

      I have a lot of Canadian members. I treat people the same whether they purchased a legit copy from Beachbody/Team Beachbody or not, if they got a used copy from a friend w/o guides or if they are US member or Canadian member. If they need help, I help them the best that I can with fitness and nutrition questions and support.

      Again, I don’t know why it bothers you if I want to stick to what I was told for now unless I hear otherwise from Beachbody.

      Sorry if this offends you. Not trying to:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)


    2. Hey, Reial, let’s give it a rest with whether Beachbody products are sold in retail stores in Canada. We have other things to discuss here in this blog. I never argue unless I am right, so if you are anything like me, you do the same. As Team Beachbody Coaches we work full time to bring real change through regular exercise, good nutrition and positive lifestyle choices and here in the US, Team Beachbody products are only sold through coaches or on the Internet. The Team Beachbody coaching opportunity has not yet made it to Canada. When it does, people will turn to the product knowledge and expertise of the coaches to buy Team Beachbody products as they do here in the US.

    3. Hey Guess what Reial! You can do the happy dance:)

      I did get word from Beachbody Complaince does in fact sell P90X in small quantities in Wal-mart Canada and a few other small locations.

      Listen, I’m not the type of girl who just takes someone’s word that I don’t know. And I don’t know you. And if some of the people at Beachbody were giving me one answer, I was going to go by what they said, since I am part of Team Beachbody. I like to investigate. Always been that way since I was a kid.

      No hard feelings I hope:)


  49. I must say P90x is my workout for the rest of my life!I finished the first 90 days and lost 30 lbs.Now I started the p90x lean program.For years I went to the gym but over time just kept hitting a wall.With this workout you never run out of ways to change it so your body keeps burning.I will say the workout is geared more towards someone who is advanced with working out.Obviously if you have more fat to burn it will take longer for your overall success.I no longer need the gym at 40 bucks a month!!!!!

  50. I just finished my first 90 days.
    I didn’t follow the diet plan as closely as I could have.
    I’ve still lost 28lbs and I am starting to get toned.
    I plan on increasing the weight to get bigger.
    I’m very happy with the progress so far.

    1. Hi Mike! Congrats on completeing P90X! It sounds like you might do another round, is that so? If you do, do you think you may try and follow the nutrition guide more closely?

      I just finished my first round of P90X and plan on doing it again. I tried to follow the nutrition guide as closley as I could, but there were times, like birthday’s, that I would relax a little bit on the plan.

      I’m glad you stuck it out. Some people get hung up on doing everything perfectly, all or nothing and then if they miss the mark they get discouraged and give up. I give you credit for being determined enough to “keep on pushing play.”

      Keep us posted.


  51. Mike,
    Hi! 28 lbs is an amazing accomplishment! Congrats! Are you starting you next 90 days today? You have established a great habit from exercising 6 days a week!
    Keep that going. It sounds like you’re planning on doing another round of P90X. If you are great! You will be amazed at the improvement in you results if you follow the nutrition guide. Not just in weight but in strength.

    If you aren’t doing another round and would like to compare other products you can check out other great Beachbody programs here.

    Congrats again!


  52. it is a good program but it is also a multi-level or pyramid scam.:amway for muscles: if it motivates you to follow the program then great it will work , just like many other programs, in fact better than manybut be prepared to hear the sells pitch and then the pitch for nutritional products and how much money you can make by getting others involved.

    1. Keith, it sounds like you had a bad experience, sorry to hear that. Beachbody is a multi-level marketing business, but that’s a good thing. You get a whole network of coaches supporting each other, and supporting the customers. Talk about motivation to succeed, with the program, business, or both.

      Is it a pyramid scam? No. I’m a coach, so maybe my opinion is swayed. But when I hear the term scam, I think of something that is not on the up and up, something of no value, just looking to make money. We are not about that. The coach’s primary responsibility is to support Beachbody customers, help them succeed with their health and fitness goals.

      While some do “push” product sales, most, like myself, only recommend products which they have tried and truly believe will help the customer. I’m not a sales person, and would never recommend something unless I honestly believed in it. We don’t sell lotions, potions, candles, etc. We promote products that create healthier lives.

      We have no problem with our kids selling crap that the schools send home. But when it comes to selling products that can make a positive impact on people’s health, people get suspicious. I personally want my friends, family, and everyone, to experience the the healthier & happier life that I am, so I have no problems sharing it with them. I joke with them and say I want them involved so I won’t be here alone when I’m in my 80’s, 90’s, beyond. Then again, I’m not really joking.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or want to make a lot of money getting others involved….joking!!


    2. Hi Keith, like Scott said, maybe you haven’t had a good experience with your Coach, and Coaches are human. But not all Coaches are the same and not all of them push their members into buying products or becoming a Coach.

      Like Scott, I only recommend products when someone asks or when someone seems confused and needs more help. People make the choice whether they want to purchase it or not.

      As far as the Coaching Opportunity goes, that’s up to the individual to decide if they want to get into being a Coach or not. Again, no pressure, you do it if you want, you say no thank you if you don’t want to. If someone does decide to be a Coach and its not their thing, then they can just stop:) No scam’s just great products that really work and a good opportunity if you really work.


  53. I just started the Insanity Workout Series last week and I have already noticed results! I think BeachBody is definitely NOT a scam. Now it’s not an instant thing and I think that is what most Americans are looking for…that quick fix. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. Believe me I am no super athlete and I have only lost 2lbs so far, but I feel healthier and I feel like I have more energy during the day. You also have to do the nutrition (which they guide you with). The only way to lose weight (the right way) is to do the work and eat right. You have to take care of yourself.

    Now I am doing this without any of the workout equipment (you don’t need it for Insanity) or the supplements (I can’t afford them), but it is easy to find replacements for them. I have nothing but good things to say about the BeachBody People. I’ve only been doing this for 9 days, I am a 29 year old ex-field hockey player who was desperately out of shape and getting to be overweight. I am a normal person and I have to take breaks during the workouts, but it is Worth it.

    I think the people who are complaining are the people who aren’t willing to do the work. Keep it up BeachBody.

    1. That’s great Jen,
      Keep it up you’re on the right path. Follow the programs the best you can, take breaks as needed and you’ll be fine.

      When you do order the supplements, you’ll find that they are good quality as well. Feel free to ask me any questions.

      Good luck on your fitness journey,

  54. My husband and I started this program 3 weeks ago. It works as long as you stick to the program. We love it and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit. This isn’t an easy program so you will have to have the DRIVE to want to get fit.

  55. px90 is the most overdone program yet….it tells lies about the quality and qauntity of work actually needed to produce decent results….
    its supposed to help you yet all recovery that happens or shall we say what makes results is what your diet is “prior” to the stimulus or triggering of change ….
    all results are directly dependant on the nutrients ingested for several day7s prior to the workout….actual triggering of the body can be done with resistance training with one simple properly done set of eight exercises that will emcompass the entire body…..
    px90 trys to engage the ego and is not using the resting heart rate at all which is “the “determining factor to know when the body is “able” to be worked again to gain possible advancing results
    try the new book on amazon, the great fitness fraud ….. and learn for yourself
    dont waste time ,money and most importantly your health

    1. You sound really stupid with what you just wrote. You are probably one of those ppl who watch the infomercial, read a book and then made a comment based on that. You could be a lazy fat person who did it the first week and then gave up. The program works. I have been doing it and my results are great. People look at me where I work and ask me advice. WOmen give me tighter hugs and are constantly squeezing my arms and chest.

      SO for you to say this program is overdone is ludicrous. Its just right. You work each muscle group equally. I went from not seeing my abs or definition in my arm to seeing my abs and definition in all parts of the body. Of course if u want to see a major change in the body, why not make a change in what you it. The funny thing about it is I didnt make no major changes to my diet and I am still seeing results. So I say this you do your little 8 work outs for 90 days and post ya results and then do the p90x worksouts for 90 days and then post results.

      1. Akeem, you’re right, P90X does work. But one thing people need to understand is that you will see results if you do the work. If you don’t do the work consistently you will see little or mediocore results.

        However, there are a few people I coach, who are very good with their eating, but didn’t get to all of the workouts all the time, and they still got really good results.

        So bottom line is that P90X does work when you put the effort into it.


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