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How Should You Count Foods for P90X, X2, or X3?

I am always looking for answers to your questions and I found a good answer on P90X nutrition from two experts, Steve Edwards and Denis Faye.  This post appears in the Team Beachbody blog, so I am sharing it and the video where Steve and Denis provide some answers.

“In a recent chat, experts Steve Edwards and Denis Faye explained how to count your foods for the P90X series portion plans. Should you count each food once, or if it falls into more than one category should you count it multiple times? Push play for the answer.”

PS – If the video does not start at the right time for you, please set it to 57:06.


Doug Lost Weight and Became Athletic Looking

How about some morning inspiration to start the day off right.  Doug woke up today and found out that he had won $500.00 in The Beachbody Challenge – a contest that you enter and have a chance to win based on your success story.  Doug made a commitment to his family to be healthier, lost weight, got more energy and as a bonus, he and his family have that $500.00 to enjoy!

He was interviewed by Beachbody and then a panel of judges reviewed his interview and before and after pictures and today he became a winner in one more way.  Here is Doug before and after and below his pictures is his interview:


Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?*
I have always worked out in gyms, but never saw great results. It was because I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough, or eating well enough. I just thought having a great body was not in the cards for me.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?*
At the beginning of every summer, I would see all of the guys at the beach or pool with strong, muscular bodies. I would feel jealous and wish I had that look from both a health standpoint, and a confidence standpoint. A friend had great success losing 50 pounds with P90X, and INSANITY, so I decided to give P90X a shot!

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody® help you overcome that challenge?*
The biggest challenge for me was finding the time. With 2 kids and a full-time job, it was hard to workout. I saw it as selfish. I could have been cleaning the house, or doing laundry, to help out my wife and kids. I had to commit to the program and I did!

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?*
I did P90X3 this round to become all around healthier. Not trying to get lean or huge. Just working on flexibility, athleticism, agility, and fitness. X3 is for those who want to enjoy life…period.

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?*
P90X3 burned off that last bit of fat that showed off my abs, but more importantly it got me more flexible and athletic.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?*
Just having more energy to play with my kids and family.

How did participating in a Challenge Group help you reach your goals? How did your group support you and keep you accountable?
I ran my first; it was great because it got a few others in shape too!

How did your Team Beachbody® Coach support you on your journey?
Josh is amazing. Even though he has thousands of people he is coaching, I felt like I was the only one. He was easy to connect with and would answer any question I had. If I was doubting myself, or the program, he would get me right back on track.

How did a Beachbody Supplement or Nutritional Product or Program (such as Shakeology® or Beachbody Ultimate Reset®) support your transformation? What are the greatest benefits you gained? Did you see benefits to your energy, sleep, mood/mental clarity, digestion/regularity?
One benefit, that was not on the label, was a new sense of energy. Since drinking Shakeology, I feel better in every aspect of life. My sleep is better, my energy is better, and I know my body is now working better than it ever has.

If you would be interested in entering The Beachbody Challenge and having a chance to win $500.00, just click here.

If you have questions, I would be glad to answer them.

P90X3 is 4 Programs in One

Power 90 was the beginning of an evolution in fitness.  The concept of working out at home and putting yourself through a bootcamp with Tony Horton as your trainer was born.  But Tony and Carl Daikeler, felt that Power 90 wasn’t enough for everyone so the idea of Power 90 Extreme was born and the whole family of P90X workouts.  The evolution continues with P90X3 and Steve Edwards has a good article in the Team Beachbody Newsletter this week that explains it.

A Person Measuring their waist

How You Can Use P90X3® to Reach a Variety of Fitness Goals – by Steve Edwards

Whatever your goals, there’s a good chance that P90X3 is the right solution. More than just a weight-loss or fitness program, it’s a training system that can help you reach your dreams, no matter what they are. Like its iconic predecessors’ P90X® and P90X2®, it’s a blend of training styles that fit together like pieces of a puzzle, allowing vast versatility. What makes it different is that it gets you there in half the time.

Starting with this article, we’ll take a look at how you can use P90X3 to reach your specific fitness goals, whether that’s getting ripped, lean, big, small, improve in a sport, activity, or just get better at life.

P90X3 is 4 Programs in One

Classic, Lean, and Doubles will be familiar to those who’ve done P90X. They are the workout rotations that came with the original, each targeting different goals. A mass rotation was added later, due to popular demand, and this has been built into P90X3.

While each provides quick results, they target different physiological niches. Classic is a balance of strength and cardio work. Lean is more cardio-focused, while Mass, as you might guess, is the opposite. Doubles is a next-level rotation for those with a higher fitness level who want to put in more time and want their results as quickly as possible.

These four options cover the majority of our customers’ goals, but we didn’t stop there. Unlike P90X, which was designed to be done after Power 90 or an equivalent program, we wanted X3 to be available to anyone. So we added yet another element or, as the saying goes, “But wait, there’s more!”

Modifications for Everyone

Every move in P90X3 has a modified version that’s not only easier, but is also more suited to those with physical limitations. As in the original, these mods are specifically designed so that you can ease into the program at your own pace, only P90X3’s modifications are especially introductory. This ramp-you-up approach also provides entry and exit points if you’ve taken breaks and/or had an injury, so you can continually advance no matter how fit, unfit, or limited you are.

P90X3 Fits Your Agenda

Whatever your hobbies, X3 can be molded to fit them. Whether you like to golf, fly fish, dance, or do Ironman triathlons, there’s a way to seamlessly insert P90X3 into your activity-specific training and/or playing schedule, allowing you to continue to engage in outside activities while you’re improving your fitness base. Because the program is segmented to target different systems in your body separately (Muscle Confusion™), it’s more easily plugged into a variety of schedules and agendas.

Plus, an “Intuitive” Nutrition Plan

The P90X3 nutrition plan teaches you how to eat, based on your performance, and is just as versatile as the workouts. This is different from the more structured plans of X and X2 and you can easily adapt it based on your fitness backgrounds and nutritional needs. The result is the guide trains you in “intuitive eating.” Essentially, it simplifies everything you thought was complicated about dieting and allows you to simply eat, listen to your body, and adjust based on performance.

How Does P90X3 Work in Half the Time?

There were two big developments that allowed this to happen. First, a lot of people did both P90X and P90X2 and have been providing us with years of feedback. That alone would allow us to build a better mousetrap, but we’ve got new science, too.

Second, over the past few years, a lot of studies began to emerge that showed the power of the first 30 minutes of exercise. While it doesn’t discount the benefits of training longer for some people, it does shed light on how to build a program for time-crunched individuals who don’t necessarily need pro-athlete performance from their bodies. Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote on the effects of shorter bouts of exercise.

“Your body has an emergency response to exercise. When you begin, no matter what you’re doing, you burn glycogen for fuel. Once your body figures out that you aren’t in an emergency, it begins to conserve by shifting to body tissue, primarily fat stores, for energy. It was once assumed that training during this “fat burning” period was optimal for weight loss. Now we know it’s the opposite. If you take advantage of the glycogen window by training hard (and smart so you don’t get hurt) you can alter your body’s metabolism—the key to changing your body composition—quickly and efficiently.”

Beyond just that, P90X3 has retained the muscle confusion and integration training aspects of P90X and P90X2. All the fancy training jargon, like the specificity of adaptation, super-compensation, progressive overload and post-activation potentiation are still hard at work. Only refined.

The bottom line is that if you’re serious about training, P90X3 should be a component in your fitness arsenal no matter what your end goals are. Next in this series we’ll take a look at the basics of how to use X3’s Muscle Acceleration system to do your specific bidding, starting with weight loss.

Introducing P90X3: Your Whole Workout in Half the Time

Introducing P90X3

All good things come in threes, but be warned: P90X3 is far from a trilogy. No, P90X3 is NOT the kid sister workout. It’s the workout that took notes from it’s siblings, then condensed, and accelerated to become the most dynamic and fastest workout yet.

The ultimate excuse buster
Time is the biggest excuse. P90X3 solves that. Every workout is 30 minutes and the clock starts the minute you push play. Before you can say “drop and give me 10,” it’s over and you are one workout closer to the six-pack of your dreams. 

Muscle acceleration explained
Many P90X fans were hooked on the science of muscle confusion – which introduced variety to the workouts and prevented plateauing. P90X3 takes a hint from that success and from studies showing the most dramatic body transformations happen within the first 30 minutes of exercise. Enter muscle acceleration, a Tony Horton-approved highly-structured schedule with an incredibly high level of intensity and an unprecedented variety of moves. The gurus behind P90X3 combined exercises and added some twists to maximize your time and keep every muscle challenged for a full 30 minutes.

Say goodbye to boredom
Which brings us to the fun-factor. Host, world-renown fitness ledgend, Tony Horton does not disappoint. With his witty one-liners and can-do mantras, he’ll simultaneously have you laughing and fired-up to bust out that final rep. Along with the constant entertainment, P90X3 has the most workouts of any Beachbody program. With 16 workouts in the base kit, they switch it up before you have a chance to consider boredom. From cardio to strength to pilates to MMX, there is something for everyone. 

The ideal P90X3-er
It may seem lofty to proclaim, but P90X3 is indeed a workout for everyone.  Everyone searching for tighter abs and leaner muscles, that is. But fitness novices and experts need not be afraid by P90X3’s come-one-come-all invitation. You don’t have to have any previous P90X experience in order to get killer results. For the beginner, the variety of workouts in P90X3 is the perfect place to discover their fitness style. If the move can be modified there is a cast member showing you how. But don’t expect to be an expert on day one. (Yes, fitness veterans will still be challenged.) As Tony says, ”You don’t get off easy, you just get to finish faster!” 

It doesn’t stop there
And of course there are some bells and whistles too good to ignore. First off, the Coach exclusive: If P90X3 is purchased through a Coach any time from December 10th – 31st (including Challenge Packs), the customer receives an exclusive P90X3 baseball cap. What better way to spread the word about this revolutionary program?

And last but not least, we have the app: Yes, now for the first time the P90X app is available on Android and iOS. The app includes P90X guided workouts, tools to track your reps, weights and progress. Launching soon, is the P90X3 addition – which brings you workout specific tracking modules, scheduling options and the motivation you need to power through the 90 days. P90X3 scheduling and tracking will be available on the app for Android on 12/10 and is coming soon for iPhone. Check out the app and get ready to bring it!

Where can I purchase P90X3?

Go to my coaching page and click on Shop!

The X-perience Continues – P90X3 is Available NOW!

What you need to know about P90X3:

The P90X3 is available to order NOW!  Use this link to order –

Order by 12/15 11:59 PM to guarantee delivery by 12/25.

Order from me from 12/10/13 through 12/31/13 and your order will include a free P90X3 hat.

The P90X3 App will be available for Android on 12/10 and the Android version will include the ability to track P90X3 workouts. The functionality to track your P90X3 workouts will be available soon for the iPhone App.

There will be vegan options included in the new P90X3 Nutrition Guide that will be available on December 10, 2013.

P90X3 is a 90 day program, split into 3 Blocks. Blocks 1 & 2 each consist of 4 weeks, while Block 3 lasts 5 weeks.

All P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes. The lone exception is the X3 Ab Ripper workout (15 minutes), included within the Deluxe Kit. Most workouts include a 2-3 minute cool down period.

P90X3 Base Kit Includes:

16 unique and brand new workouts on 8 DVDs
Plus, 5 Free Gifts
Fitness Guide
Nutrition Guide
90 Day Workout Calendar
How to Accelerate Intro DVD
24/7 Online Support
Network Exclusive P90X One on One: On One Leg DVD
Order from me and get a P90X3 Hat ($24.95 value) – see above

P90X3 Pricing

Retail $119.85 + S&H
Club $107.87 + S&H – ask  me how to get the Club discount
Coach $89.89 + S&H – ask me how to get the Coach discount


Are You Ready for P90X3?

Coming this winter is the latest edition to the family of “X” workouts – P90X3.  Tony Horton says, “P90X3 is different from any workout you’ve done before. It makes getting ripped absolutely foolproof. I guarantee you’ll never work out the same way again.”

Contact us for news about P90X3 –!


 We changed the way you thought about fitness with P90X and P90X2.

This is extreme fitness, ACCELERATED!