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Yoga Came Knocking at My Door

You know how your body craves things that it is lacking – like chocolate for instance (okay, that’s not a great example), but if you crave some fruit, though, and you eat a lot of it it just could be that your body needs one or more of its nutrients.

My body does not crave yoga – it needs yoga, but I don’t feel the least little urge to do it.  Talk about mind power, right.  The truth is that I am so stiff that it is embarrassing.  When a runner says to you, “I never stretch.  I don’t need to”, store that comment away and when you see him or her in later years and they are as stiff as a board, then you will see the fallacy in their statement.

I should have stretched, but maybe, just maybe, it’s not too late.

Tuesday afternoon, there was a knock at the door at it was our neighbor and friend from school, Monica, and in her hand was P90X Yoga X – not the complete set, just the Yoga X DVD.  Can you imagine my dismay, when after more than two years, she found the Yoga X DVD that I lent her (any other DVD I would have gotten back right away) in her garage and she was returning it.

Was that a Divine sign?  I have to think that it was.  Yoga X came knocking at my door and now I have no excuses not to do yoga (even though I have the P90X2 and P90X3 yoga workouts as well as Les Mills Pump yoga and the Chalean Extreme yoga workout – all of which are great).

Tony Horton Yoga X posePlus, hint, hint, I know that Tony Horton says that yoga saved his life from reading this Huffington Post article about him and yoga and equally important, what Tony Horton eats for breakfast!

If I had a choice between making a dentist’s appointment and doing yoga, I would make the appointment – which just gave me a great idea.  I will have to schedule and “appointment” in the SuperGym and have a date with Tony and the gang doing Yoga X.  You can click on the link at right to join me!

Tony Horton, Check Out Guy…

Tony Horton started out as a junk food eating “98 pound weakling” who hated exercising and didn’t particularly like sports.  His plan to move to Hollywood and pursue acting didn’t turn out that well either until he joined the World Gym in Venice and began his steady rise to the top of the fitness industry with workouts like P90X and P90X2 that have become legends and set the standard for all others to follow.

During the periods between his workout releases, however, with the economy slow, he has decided to take on a second job.  To see what it is, click on the image below.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do!

Tony Horton - Check Out Guy!

Out of His Comfort Zone

Tony Horton posted on Facebook today something well worth sharing here.  He entitled it, “Out of My Comfort Zone”.  Tony Horton on Facebook

“For the second Sunday in a row I headed over to the UCLA track for a workout designed to help me run faster. After last week’s session I was hurting for four days. Hips, feet, back and core were rocked – in a good way. Sore in new places felt good.

Coach Malachi introduced me to a great combination of stretches and warmup moves I hadn’t seen before. Some were similar  and others brand new. My right hamstring and left calf are vulnerable so it was great to spend time prepping them properly prior to the workout.

Back in the day I’d let unfamiliar workouts outside of my comfort zone mess with my head. Now I work on embracing my weaknesses and lowering my expectations so that I can enjoy the process of learning. As a trainer I needed to leave the chip on my shoulder at home; do my best and forgot the rest!”

Tony Horton Answers the Question, “How Do I keep Going?”

Here’s a question people ask me: “I’m finding that my exercise routine is very intense and I’m seeing the benefits on day 1, so what can I do to stay motivated and keep going?”

Most folks struggle with motivation every day. I’m one of them. Motivation can be broken down into a few subcategories. My Ninth Law of Health and Fitness is “Loving It.” Progress and motivation are possible if you look forward to your workouts. They have to be challenging and interesting to you. If you despise them before you start them, you’re not going to survive them for very long. If your reasons why are meaningful to you, then staying motivated is easier. I’m always promoting health, fitness, quality of life, and feeling good as reasons to get and stay motivated. Not to say that a person’s goal to lose weight or fit into smaller clothes isn’t motivating—it’s just that when these goals are obtained then new ones need to come into play.

When the numbers on your scale and measuring tape are low enough to make you happy then it’s important to start to explore some new numbers. I’m talking about numbers that relate to ability, improvement, and achievement. Your physical appearance will improve at a more rapid rate if you can start to exercise with your focus on power, speed, and strength. This mind set applies to both men and women. This means that your motivation comes from your desire to “Bring It” during exercise at home and out in the world. Let your P90X® or Power 90® workouts trigger something new and bigger than anything you’ve done before. For me it’s skiing and gymnastics. For you it could be anything that pushes you beyond the confines of repeating the same workouts the same way, day after day.

Tony Horton Pays It Forward

As P90Xer’s, we know not only how effective and life changing P90X is, but also the empowering feeling of health and fitness.  But what if your life has taken you to a place where you find it almost inconceivable to start something like P90X.  The video below is Tony Horton paying it forward to someone who is in that place in their life.

Strength Training: More than Just Getting Ripped By Tony Horton

We know that strength training is an important part of a Power 90 or P90X routine. Why? It makes you stronger, and I’m not just talking about the shape of your biceps or the size of your pecs. Resistance training strengthens bones, ligaments, and tendons, as well as your muscles. Altogether, a well-oiled internal machine improves your balance and power while shortening your recovery time and risk of injury.

Runners and Weight Training

The difference between a full-spectrum workout like Power 90 or P90X and an all-aerobic workout regimen is huge. People who only do aerobic routines run the risk of developing overuse injuries, and their fitness is imbalanced.  Runners, for example, work their calves and hamstrings hard, but the quads and upper body get off easy. It’s important to strengthen all the major muscle groups for overall fitness balance and to reduce injury risks. No matter how careful they are (varying their workout intensity or the terrain they run on, wearing good shoes, etc.), runners who do not balance their regimens with strength training are likely to suffer from some kind of running-related injury
sooner or later.

Strength and power start at the core. Your core strength, which comes from your abdomen, back, and trunk, is the center for most of your power, agility, and balance. That’s why we bust out the crunches, lunges, and squats.  Strengthen your core and you’ve got a lot more “oomph” to rock out the outer, sport-specific muscles. Another major benefit to muscle training is creating muscle density. The denser your muscles, the higher your metabolism—and you know what that means. You can consume more calories without gaining weight. Now that’s incentive!

Tony H.