rich-dafter-next-stepIn November 2007, I created my first blog and I am grateful that you are visiting it.  Within these pages, I have shared with everyone what P90X is and the entire family of P90X workouts is and what they can do for you.  I know what they have done for me, beginning with revolutionizing how I work out.  I used to have a singular focus on running, but as I got older, I knew that I had to do more to maintain the strength that I needed to run.  At right is what P90X did for me in my first round in the summer of 2007.  Before that, I was your typical skinny runner from doing high mileage and maintaining a very low body fat.  P90X gave me strength and flexibility to go along with my endurance.

There is more to my story, though, than just being a runner doing P90X and I would like to share that with you.  If you go to my “About” page on my website, you will see my full story there – http://www.howtobefit.com/about-us.htm#rich-dafter

To learn more about what I do or to contact me, click on the links below:

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  1. hi. i’m thinking soon to be buying p90 x i have a question. i’m 6’4 270 50yr old male i’ve had one knee scoped and next yrs the other one will be done probly.will any of the programs or exercises hurt my knees.the dr wants me too get both knees replaced.i’m too young for that because in 8 -10 yrs they want to redo them if i get it done.i know also to go slow no matter what program that i choose.since i’ve been scope i haven’t play racquet ball at all i love the sport and still want to play

    1. There is some jumping around in P90X, mainly in the Plyometrics routine. I can’t say whether it would hurt someone’s knee to do it, that would depend on how strong their knees are.

      With any of the programs, you can modify, and make it work for you. You don’t have to go full speed and try and keep up with Tony. The key is to do YOUR best, do more than what your currently do.

    2. Hi Willie,
      In the Plyometrics there’s some jumping, but this can be modified or even skipped if needed. For example on the DVD, while they are doing the jumping exercises, you can run in place or do smaller jumps. That’s what I do sometimes. You may even need to skip the jumps altogether. You don’t want to risk an injury.

      All the best,


  2. Bob December 1, 2009 at 9:10 am | #42 Reply | Quote Bob December 1, 2009 at 9:05 am | #106 Reply | Quote Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Bob December 1, 2009 at 8:59 am | #105 Reply | Quote Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I am 51 ,am I too old to start? I weigh 200 lbs. I,ve been watching the infomercial
    since I was 180 lbs. Ideally I would like to be 175 to 180 lbs. but in shape again.
    I am physically active, work general construction.I used to box about 30 years ago, but can still bust up the bags pretty good. I did buy p90x dvd set of course looking for a deal, like most others tried to get the guides seperate, only to find they needed to be downloaded, which would not work, lost the download somewhere in my computer and my money.

    Bob December 2, 2009 at 1:16 pm | #43 Reply | Quote This is the same Bob as above I am 51, weigh 200 lbs. 5′10″ I was wondering if I am too old, I am fairly healthy and get stress tests regularly .I am still waiting on the dvd set but can’t seem to get all the guides downloaded. What a mistake, I should have just purchased p90x new.

  3. I bought the dvd set on ebay$51$ Guides seperate $6$ which need downloaded ran out of ink so three cartridges @ $26$ ea. and I am not done yet, and one of the files won’t even open. Not the sellers fault,though I think I should have just bought it new. Boy live and learn.

    1. As Bob, points out soemtimes what seems like a good deal, might not be. He spent about $135 on what he could have gotten brand new for $119. Bob is still seeing great results though because he’s following the nutrition program and exercise program. And when he has questions, he has a TBB Coach to turn to.

      If you’re still on the fence on buying P90X second-hand or getting it new, check it out here http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/P90X?referringRepId=37971. If you still decide you want to buy it second-hand, make sure that the seller is giving you the actual guides, not a computer file of them. P90X when sold brand new, comes with actual guidebooks, not a computer file for the guides.

      And if you’ve already purchased it second-hand and didn’t get the guides, don’t give up. You can still get help by joining Team Beachbody either as a free member or club member.

      Free Signup Form: https://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/free?referringRepId=37971
      $2.99 per week Club Signup Form: https://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/club?referringRepId=37971

      You will recieve non-judgmental help from a TBB Coach that really wants to see you succeed, no matter how you got P90X.


  4. hello! i am planning on starting p90x tomorrow morning and as far as the diet goes every thing looks great. just one question. is there any way i can substitute cottage cheese for plain non fat yogurt? Not a fan of cottage cheese. Thanks!

  5. I just bought the P90x and i have a few questions. I 5’10” 156 pounds heavest i’ve ever been. I’ve been working out 3-4 days a week weight lifting. I don’t want to lose weight i would like to gain some more. I’m worried about the nutrition guide due to wieght loss. What nuitition plan should i follow? And what program should i go with? classic? thanks for your help Dave

    1. Hi David. Gaining weight always sounds easier than it actually is. What you could do is follow the nutrition guide but up your level. So if you’re a level 2, go to level 3.

      I would follow the Classic plan as well. This will still help you burn fat, but add muscle. P90X Classic was not meant for weight loss, but some people do lose weight, especially when they follow the nutrition plan to lose weight. But if you are taking in enough good calories and enough protein, you should notice gains.

      If you need more help, email me at wattersjes@msn.com


    2. Hi David,
      I’m in the same boat as you as I’m trying to gain muscle weight. I’m doing the classic version of P90X. In addition to Jessica’s great advice, I would try and do 8-10 reps when you’re using dumbbells or the bands. You want enough weight or resistance to struggle on the last couple of reps, but still have good form.

      Best of luck!

  6. Hey I just bought an offical version from Workout World through the official distributor and was very dissappointed that the team beachbody website does not allow people from other countries other than USA and Canada to sign up. Can this be changed because I’d really like the support?

    1. Adam, I don’t think that anyone would mind too much if you signed up for a free membership using the address of a family member, friend or business associate in the US.

  7. Hey everyone, I was just wondering which workouts do you do fisrt or in what order? I just got this from my sister, and she got it for christmas so she didn’t send me anything besides the DVD’s.

  8. Just started the program and LOVE it! But….board out of my mind with the Yoga!!!
    I tried…I really did! It is just is not for me. What can I do to substitute for it?

    1. Yoga X is the one routine most people don’t like. It’s rough, and LONG!! But, try to hang with it as often as possible. As Tony says, it’s the ride of your life, if you can relax and block everything out for the whole routine.

      For days when Yoga X is too much, try one of Tony’s shorter yoga routines from his One on One series: http://budurl.com/fufg. The two current choices are “Fountain of Youth” and “Patience Hummingbird”. Each is around 40 minutes, and a great substitute.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

    2. Like Scott said, try and see if you can stick with it. But for some people, yoga just isn’t for them. I would also recommend that you look into the DVDs that Scott mentioned.

      What I like to do, is make sure I do additional stretching/flexibility exercises everyday. So on top of what is done before and after each routine, before bedtime I will do 15 minutes of stretching. Helps me wind down.

      There are days I don’t have time to do the full 90 min of Yoga X. I don’t recommend doing this every time, but I have substituted Cardio X for Yoga X. It does have a nice yoga warm-up in the beginning, and combines kenpo, plyo and core work.

      One more thing I have doen when I’m short on time is, I have doen the first 20 minutes of Yoga X and then the last 30 minutes. Again, like Scott said, you should give it a try and see if you can stick with it. But for me, with 4 kids I don’t always have 90 minutes to devote.


    3. Kimberli,
      Maybe you can do half the yoga workout for now and see how it goes. The first half seems more difficult.

      If you’re looking for a bit of a faster pace, the Cardio has about 15 minutes of yoga in the beginning. It also has a combo of Plyo, Kenpo, and Core. You won’t gat all benefits of the full yoga, but better than skipping it altogether.

      All the best,

  9. rich..i need support!! i have a hard time with the diet!! i am so tryin!! i cant afford to spend all this money for all the food and feed my family to!! i am really tryin!! its bn a eweek and a half and i can c i can hang in there with some the work outs..but not all..my moto is keep movin!! i am 5ft and 195lbs..i cant jump very wll and i just need someone to tell me keep pushin!!what alternitives is there to fish??i hate it !! i tried..cant do it!! lol

    1. Buy in bulk when on sale. We stock up on fish and chicken whenever it’s on sale. Veggies/fruit are tough. Buy what’s on sale. Some weeks I eat more mushrooms, others it’s asparagus. Depends on prices. My theory, I’m eating less quantity, so if it cost a little more, oh well.

      Alternatives to fish? Chicken, eggs, beans, whey protein, Shakeology, tofu. I eat chicken a lot. In salads, omelets, wraps…you name it.

      On the workouts, “Do your best, forget the rest”. You goal is not to hang in there with them, but to get better than you currently are. If you currently struggle with jumping, give it your all, and then keep moving while they finish up, stretch or do something to keep your heart rate up.

      I’m telling you….KEEP PUSHING!!! You are worth it. The fact that you decided to go for it says you want it. Commit to it. You will love the new you, full of energy.

      I’d love to work with you to help you succeed. Sign up for membership here: http://budurl.com/bhby. One of the benefits of membership is a free coach who’s been there, and is still there pushing play.

      Most important, don’t ever give up.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

  10. I have been on the program for 2 weeks now and I do love it. I have more energy and the diet is really working for me. I have no cravings at all and the protein shakes keep me full, I actually force my self to eat all the food alotted. My
    question is how can I tweek my diet to get faster weight loss. I did just purchase
    the supplement to aid fat loss. I am having 2 protein shakes a day, the recovery drink after workouts and will add the new supplement. Any advise will be appreciated

  11. Rich,
    I have the cd’s like most others here and not the manuals or books to follow a routine. I have stop smoking for more than a year now, was blessed with 2 grandkids this year, i am 46 and in horrible shape. I love to cook and have been in the food industry 27 years successfully. So, diet to me is a word. Change of eating lifestyle is the goal. Now, I need to know how to work out. Where the heck do you start and what next…..I know you say lean, classic etc in previous posts but when I go to those links you speak of I get nowhere. I would greatly appreciate your help….I want a fitness lifestyle too!
    Thanks for your time…

    1. Laurie, without the manuals, the program isn’t worth much. It’s like trying to play a game with no directions.

      Congrats on quitting smoking. That’s a HUGE accomplishment toward living a healthier life. Getting on a fitness routine and healthy diet will complete your health package.

      Make you health and future a priority. Start by getting the complete P90X package (http://budurl.com/nqh3). This will also assign me as your coach, and I will work with you through the program, ensuring you reach your goals, answering any questions, and providing the support and motivation to keep you going.

      Commit to your success. Commit to your future health!

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

  12. i started p90x about a year and a half ago. I was in a car accident last august. due to the injuries i recieved i was forced to stop my exersizes. what do you recomend i do to ease back to p909x.

    1. Hi Travis,

      You may want to check with your doctor first to make sure everything is ok. If you are already clear to start exercising, why not jump back in slowly. Work at your own pace.

      If you want to try something different before getting back into P90X, you may want to try Power 90 by Tony Horton or 10 Minute Trainer.

  13. A friend of mine is letting me borrow her P90X program but I don’t have all the literature. I want to do it the right way, including the meal plans, but I don’t have the book. Can you tell me more about the meal plans, including allowed/not allowed foods or a list of foods that are the best? I am an almost 52 year old female so my metabolism needs all the help it can get and I want to make sure I am doing the right things. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tammy,

      You can become a Team BeachBody member. Here you can get online coaching, track your goals, and get customized meal plans. Your other option would be if you really love the workouts, you can also purchase your own P90X program from BeachBody, and that will come with everything.

  14. Prior to P90, I would rollerblade eleven miles or bike 18. I was trim but I wanted more shape. I have done P90 for 11 weeks. I did shape muscle but what I have noticed is I am thicker around my waste and now i have a small roll around my abdomen when I sit. I have never had this before and had a flat abdomen. I followed the program perfectly. I have been rollerblading for years. Now that I stopped blading, I realized how much it works my core. I believe this is why feel so thick around the middle (something I am not liking at all!) Any opinions or advice. I have gone back to my old routine and do muscle stuff 2 times per week.

    1. Hi Patty! How was your nutrition during P90X? Were you following the nutrition guide? Did you have your caloric intake numbers right? Nutrition is very important and if there was a mistake in the number of calories you were taking in, it could have caused you to gain a little wieght.

      If you were following that perfectly too and the thick middle still happened there could be a couple of reasons why this happened.

      1) Were you using proper form during the exercises? I ask this because I also teach Pilates and personal train people. So I notice that some people when lifting weights or any other form of exertion tend to push their belly out instead of of keeping the belly button pulled in towards the spine. If this is done for a perisd of time the result can be the appearance of a poochy middle.

      2) Some people are genetically inclined to have thicker waists than others. So perhaps your body needs the extra cardio that the roller blading was providing. You could add that into your P90X routine on your non-cardio days (days 1, 3 and 5). You just need to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition that the P90X guide suggests to keep up with the extra workouts.

      3) Were you adding in Ab Ripper X? If so, did you keep proper form while doing these exercises? Again, you need to pull the navel to spine instead of letting your tummy poof out. Exhale on the exertion and inhale on the “rest/start” portion. If not done properly it will not be effective.

      If you are not already working with a coach, I’d love to help you. Coaches are a great way to stay motivated, ask questions, and get information on your workouts and nutrition. And the best part is its free. Here is a link to sign up with me https://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/free?referringRepId=37971

      If you have any more questions, you can email me at wattersjes@msn.com.


  15. i have badly scatched my Core Synergistics DVD and need to get a replacement. Where to a purchase a single DVD?

    1. Karen, you can call Team Beachbody Customer Service at 800 470-7870 and they will be able to replace the Core Synergistics DVD for you.

  16. Hi I recently purchased the p90x extreme home fitness program. I admit I have not read all the books from cover to cover yet but I paid for the teambeachbody when I purchased the workout I got the nutrition plan , fitness guide , the dvds ,a quickstart guide, the smooth orange drink powder and a bottle of supplements but I did not recieve the paperwork to keep up with my reps and ect how do I get that , should it have been sent or not. I also recieved the thin kitchen recipe book. Sadly I do not understand how the workouts are supposed to go disc one and so on , whats the order surely I dont do it for several days whats the deal please somone help thanks Scott

    1. Scott, congrats on your P90X purchase, it’s life altering.

      P90X comes with the charts in the book to track your reps. Since you’re a club member, you can also download sheets online. In WOWY, go to “Get Fit / Fitness Tools” and click the “Workout Sheets” button. There are worksheets you can download/print, plus Excel programs for tracking progress if you choose.

      As far as the DVD order, choose the routine you want, Lean, Classic or Doubles. You can read about each in the manual. Then follow the calendar for that routine from the book. Another option, as a member, you can use the online schedule in WOWY to automatically schedule your full 90 days.

      If you’re not already working with a coach, please contact me, info below. I’d be glad to work with you to get you started on the right path, and help you all the way through. P90X works great, but you need to do it correct. My job as a coach is to help you succeed with the program, and hopefully, you in turn can do the same for others. “Together we’re better”.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

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    1. Sandy, you need to get a current life and be accountable to your higher power before you find yourself facing a mighty unpleasant afterlife

    2. I think Sandy is right, they offer items at low cost, low quality, and low (actually NO) warranty! And with no support after the sale.

      For anyone really interested in getting a great deal, order from one of the coaches on this site. You get the full legitimate program, all manuals, and a coach to help you through the program. Plus, a full warranty to back your purchase.

      For info on P90X, see: http://budurl.com/nqh3

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com

      1. Scott, you are right! Sandy is a bootlegger who keeps sending us emails about her (his) bootleg products and has the audacity to post on our blog, too. I took out the email and the URL to protect the innocent people who visit our blog and might unsuspectingly be duped into buying a bootleg copy from her (him) and then have to ask for the order of workouts!

  18. My p90x has just arrived and I’m a little worried. I don’t want to loose that much wait just the belly fat and get toned. Any suggestions???? Should I not follow the diet plan or just I? Please help!!!

    1. Hi Lisa! While some people lose weight on P90X, a lot only lose a few pounds of fat and replace it with mucsle. I’m in week 10 of P90X and only lost 7 lbs total. I could have lost more if I cut my caloric intake back, but I didn’t want to lose that much. I have a few female members who were basically in shape, and have only lost 2 or 3 lbs.

      Definitly follow the nutrition guide. It will help give you enough calories to get through a tough workout like P90X. And if you follow it, you will find that you’ll be eating more than enough food.

      If you need more help, you can email me at wattersjes@msn.com


    2. Lisa,
      Hi! When I started P90X I also didnt’ have a lot of weight to lose, but wanted to firm up, so I thought the same thing as you and didn’t dot he nutrition plan for the first month and my results were ok but I wanted the full package so I decided to step it up and add the plan. After following the plan my results are what I was expecting! I look and feel better all over! I also get to eat a ton of good food. I believe that eating is 80% of the firming it up battle. If you follow the guide you’ll be so glad you did. Good Luck!

      1. Not only is eating 80% of the firming up battle, it’s key to losing weight also.

        When I started P90X, I had to increase what I was eating, in order to keep up with the program. I still ended up losing 30 lbs in my first 90 days, which was what I wanted.

        Exercise along is not the answer, which is why I love these programs, they are the full package, exercise and nutrition.

        Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
        Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
        Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

  19. Hi,

    I order P90X a while ago and i recently moved and lost my fitness guide now i don’t know what workouts to do. Please HELP.


    1. Kristie,

      Hi! On the Beachbody site there is a club membership. (http://bit.ly/freeclubmembership) The membership is awesome for a lot of reasons but one is because in the “WOWY supergym” section. You can click on “see predefined workout schedules you can add to your calendar” pick your program and a start date and it will schedule all the workouts for you in the correct order. Best of all it’s FREE! You can go here to sign up: (http://bit.ly/freeclubmembershp) This is how I schedule all of my workouts. Then I just have to refer to my calendar each day. It really keeps me on track!

      Best of Health,

  20. Hello,
    I just bought P90X and the workouts seem awesome, I am just curious about the nutrition plan…I have been eating clean, high Protein, low carb and very low fat for over a year, also working out 5 days/wk. I bought this because I have plateued and have 7 lbs I still want to loose (I have lost 16 lbs). I am 5`1 and 116 lbs. The new nutrition plan has more fat and slightly more carbs than I am used to and I am wondering if this will make me gain weight? Also can I use protein powder to substitute for the recovery shake and bar? Sorry another question – I love becal spray butter for popcorn and cooked veggies, is that allowed?
    THANKS!! Looking forward to loosing those last stubburn pounds!

    1. Hi Kass! You will love working out with P90X and it will prove to be challenging and fun. You will love it and hate it. Have you figured out your caloric intake needs in the nutrition guide? If not, I would suggest doing that. You sound like you will be somewhere around 1600-1800 calories per day. In Phase 1/Fat Shredder, you’ll be allowed 1 carb serving. Snacks don’t count towards that. They are just counted as snacks. But if you follow the nutrition and work hard, you will definitely lose fat and gain lean muscle. Take a look at pages 15-20 in the guide and that will put you on the rigth track for the first few weeks.

      Protein powder in itself is not going to be high enough in carbs to be considred a recovery drink. Recovery drinks are intended to replace lost glycogen and add some protein. That’s why the P90X Recovery Formula is so good because it takes the guess work out.

      As far as the fats go with the spray butter, I’d try and avoid that for now and stick to the acceptable forms of fat on page 16.

      If you have more questions, you can email me at wattersjes@msn.com. If you’re not working with a coach already, and would like one, here is my sign up link http://bit.ly/dv39sV. Or you can choose one of the other coaches on this board:)


  21. I’m considering buying p90x. I’m reasonably fit, but ready for a change. I’m running a half marathon in 4 weeks and am concerned about the low levels of carbs in the first month of the nutrition plan. Should I just wait until after the race to start the nutrition part? Or modify?

    1. Hi Shari! There is no rule that you have to do Phase 1/Fat Shredder. Its recommended for people that are looking to cut fat. You can certainly start at Phase 2 which allows for more carbs for extra endurance and Phase 3 allows for an even greater amount of carbs for max endurance. Once you’re done training for and completing the marathon, you can decide if you want to try Phase 1, if necessary.

      If you haven’t ordered P90X yet, you can order it from any of the coaches on this site. Some people save on the shipping when ordereing through a coach. Here is a link to my store for P90X http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/P90X?referringRepId=37971. You will automatically get me as a coach if you order through me:) Or if you order trhough another coach you can get them:)


    2. Shari, Hi! I’m with Jessica. I ran a marathon last year and you definitely will need more carbs to run your best race. I think it’s awesome that you’re going to do P90X with your training. You’ll love the strength training and endurance you’ll build P90X workouts. When you complete your half seriously consider the nutrition plan. Your results will peak if you use it.
      Have fun and enjoy your P90X!

    3. Shari, P90X is a great program. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter their current shape or fitness level. Anyone can do it, though some may have to modify.

      Another great option, which is full on cardio is Insanity. With it, there’s no low carb meal plan, you need the carbs to keep up! I have a friend and fellow coach who is training for a full marathon right now. He’s using Insanity to build up his cardio.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com

  22. We bought the P90X but after watching the first dvd I am concerned about my husband being on the fitness plan. He is diabetic and can’t eat the way you planned it. He needs sugar as he works and need to eat protein before, not after. What do you suggest?

    1. What are his goals? He should still be able to do the fitness plan, but may have to modify the nutrition plan. I’m not sure I understand the need for protein before the workout.

      If he has specific nutrition needs, he should be able to stick with those, and follow the program. Bring the nutrition guide and discuss it with his doctor. Look at some of the information on Shakeology (http://budurl.com/shake), and discuss this with the doctor also. My sister has a friend with Type 2 Diabetes. He recently started using Shakeology and doing another Beachbody program (plans to work his way up to P90X next). He is having great results so far.

      You can email me directly if you have specific questions, contact info below. Most important, don’t give up! There is always a way to make it work, if you really want to.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

    2. Anne,
      I understand your concern. I’m glad that he’s endeavoring to improve his health. I agree with Scott that he should be able to do the fitness routines and to consult his doctor with the nutrition plan.

      Kathy Smith and doctors, certified diabetes educators, and the American Diabetes Associationhas developed a wonderful diet and fitness program for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

      It is caled Project:YOU! Type 2

      I think this may be something that would help you and your husband feel at ease. You can check it out here http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/KSPYT2?referringRepId=43266
      Let me know if you need any help and I’ll help you find answers.

      Best of Health,

  23. I just bought the P90X. Nevertheless, as probably many others, find it really hard to start by myself. Are there any personal trainers that you could recommend to coach me personally every day for the program? I live in Mexico City, but could spend a few weeks anywhere to start it and save my life, since I am in very bad shape. I am 47.

    1. Hi Hector,
      Have you checked out the Beachbody Club Membership? You will be able to find a ton of support there not only from your online coach but from others on the forums and in chat rooms. You can also get customized meal plans, track your progress, workouts and much more. Go here to check out the benefits of signing up for the club membership. http://bit.ly/clubmembershipinfo

      If you have any question me or any of the coaches on this site would be happy to help.


  24. I cannot find my nutrition book. My kids got p90x for me last Christmas. I did not jump on it but they started using it. Now that i got it back, ican’t find the nutrition book. How can i get one?

    1. If the program was ordered from Beachbody, you can call them, have them look up your order. They may send you a replacement book.

      If the program wasn’t purchased from Beachbody, they won’t send a replacement, and don’t sell the guide separate. You can order the whole program (http://budurl.com/nqh3), well worth the cost. P90X is a life changer.

      Or, join Team Beachbody as a club member (http://budurl.com/bhby). This gives you access to the meal planner, and a host of other tools. You’ll also get assigned a coach to work with you, and help you figure out your nutrition requirements.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

  25. Hi, I’m getting ready to buy the program but I’m trying to find the chin up bar they show in the infomercial. I’ve looked at Dick’s but all they have are the ones which go between the door frame and that leaves dents in the woods. Any thoughts on where I could find the one in the infomercial? Thanks and you have a great product.

  26. I purchased the program and just got done reading the material. My career field is that of a commerical airline pilot. My travels take me all over the world. I figure I can travel with the resistance bands and do the workouts in the gym with a portable DVD player. However, my biggest question is with the diet. What would your suggestions be? Thanks

    1. Lee,
      Congrats on getting an excellent program. I know a few other commercial pilots who also do P90X. It’s one of those jobs where it’s easy to come up with excuses to not exercise and eat right. Good on you for not making the excuses.

      Nutrition: grill up several chicken breast. Cut these up to make wraps, sandwiches, omelets. Throw a few in a small cooler and bring that with you when you’re traveling. Cans or packs of tuna are great too. Veggies: carrots, celery are great for quick travel snacks. Add lots of veggies to the omelets. On the omelets, I’ve made up to 10 at once, sealed in ziplock or food saver bags, took on a business/vacation trip. Heat them up and they taste great. For snacks, protein bars and shakes are great options. There is a great P90X protein bar (http://budurl.com/8j3j), or there are a multitude of varieties available in local stores. Don’t rely too heavily on the bars. They’re great for a snack once a day, as are the shakes, but solid food should be part of your diet.

      If you have to eat out, subway is a great choice. Wish they still had the wraps, less carbs. But you can still get it on wheat, and maybe gut out part of the bread, especially during phase 1. Restaurants, order grilled or baked chicken or fish, request veggie sides instead of the rice, potatoes, etc. Hold/watch the toppings on the main dish.

      Shakeology (http://budurl.com/shake) is a great option for one of your meals per day. It provides the nutrition from some of your veggies, plus protein and vitamins. With your travel schedule, it can be a life saver.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

  27. Good morning everyone!!

    Well, I am currently on week3 of P90x and I am LOVING IT!!!! first of all, I am 31 year old female triathlete, I weigh 175lbs and am roughly 5’6”. I complete all the workouts and am absolutely hooked!! I do have some questions however….I started P90X to lose about 15-20 lbs in order to get leaner (faster in triathlon). I can not really follow the nutrition plan because I do so much cardio on top of the P90X program..(I swim, bike and run quite a bit!!) So if I do follow the nutrition plan I am scared that I will Bonk. I am starting from a fairly fit base as well, and I believe I have a pretty good idea of how to eat healthy….do you think it is worth it to try the nutrition program? do you think I am defeating the purpose of the entire program by not following the diet plan? I have not dropped any weight (scale) since I have started, but I am definately seeing changes…my arms and back and legs are getting harder. Should I jsut not worry about the diet plan and keep pushing play, running, biking and swimming, ir should I get on the diet plan ASAP? Is not being on the diet plan the reason that I don’t see the scale moving…or is it just fat-muscle trade off?
    thank you very much for reading!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Erica, first, I’m glad you;re enjoying you’re P90X workouts. I love P90X! Second, I think you should try the nutrition plan, you can add more calories to your plan in order to help keep you energized. So for you to lose weight without doing extra cardio, you’d be at about 1800 cals. But since you’re doing a lot of extra cardio, you may want to bring that up to 2000-2100 cals per day. And if you feel you need more than that, then bring it to about 2300-2400.

      Also, please note that even though the number on the scale is not moving, its not a bad thing. First your trading fat for muscle. Muscle is more dense than fat it. So it might seem like an equal trade. Just like you mentioned.

      But if you really want to lose weight, and see the best results, you should give the nutrition plan a try. Agan, you can always make adjustments.

      Trust me, I went the first few weeks w/o following it, but once I did, I started to look and feel so much better.

      If you have more questions, feel free to email me at wattersjes@msn.com. If you’re not working with a coach, any one of the coaches on this board or I will be willing to help you.


    2. If you want to lose 15-20 lbs, definitely follow the plan. Even doing all the extra cardio, if you eat at the right level, you should have plenty of energy to crush the routines. If you bonk, adjust up or down, or move to phase 2 nutrition, especially if you already have a low body fat percent. But I recommend a solid month of phase 1 nutrition to blast away the lbs and extra fat. Listen to your body.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

  28. Erica,
    Hi! I agree with Jessica. I think it would be worth you trying the nutrition plan. I hate to see you do the full 90 without the plan and not reach your weight goal.

    Are you keeping track of you calories at all? One reason I love the nutrition plan is because I hate counting calories and the plan make it so easy for me to keep track of what I am putting in my mouth. It will be an adjustment at first but when you get used to it it will be second nature.

    I also didn’t follow the nutrition plan at first and wasn’t getting the results I wanted but worst of all I felt tired and sluggish. (I also run a lot) The nutrition plan is designed to help avoid bonking. Now that I am eating right I have so much energy it’s ridiculous. 🙂 Do you feel tired at all?

    If you choose to start the plan keep track of how you body feels. It will tell you if you aren’t eating enough calories or you may need to add in one or two more carbs/day.

    If you have any other questions you can e-mail me or Jessica. My email is fitwithjenbradshaw@gmail.com


  29. Thanks everyone!! I started this weekend to pay more attention, it isn’t so bad following the portion plan, I do notice that I am eating more carbs than I am supposed to, so I will try and cut back on the carbs and pull through with the extra protein. thank you all so much for your help!! it is great to have people out there with experiance to help out!! Jen, to answer your question, I pay ridiculous attention to counting calories (a curse of being a triathlete!!) So I know what I should be taking in, I think I should just take your advice and give the nutrition plan a whirl…. I would be best with the portion plan, so that’s what I’ll do. thanks again everyone, I know I will be back soon with more questions!!:)lol

  30. Hey guys!! Well, week 5 almost done and I am seeing some killer results!!!! WOW!!! I am back up to 10 wide grip pull-ups (wahoo!!) and I am feeling tighter and harder EVERYWHERE!!! – Again no intense weight loss on the scale, but I took your guys’ advice and have tried my best to stick to the portion plan, I have noticed 2 things, first off I FEEL GREAT!!!-I do not feel lathargic at all…maybe all those carbs were too hard for me to digest all the time!! and the second thing that I have noticed is that I am less hungry, trying to pack in all that protein keeps me really full!!! Now that I am seeing these results I don’t think it will be hard to stick to it, it doesn’t take long to ”learn” what you should be eating, so it is becoming second nature!!! WOW!! I am super impressed, thank you all for your advice, you guys rock!! I will be back to give updates….thanks guys!!

    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the program, and your results! I never enjoyed exercise before, but love it now. And the nutrition is a bonus. I love the way I get to eat now. Once you start getting the results, and changing habits, it’s easy to stick to with little thought. I still weigh foods occasionally and check portions, but it’s mostly second nature now. Keep pushing play!

  31. Hey everyone!!! In the middle of week 6 and my strength is still going through the roof, as is my flexibility!! I am sticking to the portion plan, and I think I am doing well….but guess what??? Still not a pound lost on the scale!! I am not too concerned since I am seeing so many kick-ass results in my strength and a bit in my clothes as well, but I will be soon receiving my body fat calipers so then I will really see for myself what is going on!!! anyway, thank you Jen,scott, and Jess for your support!!:) you guys rock!!

  32. Quick question for you guys; I ordered the body fat calipers from team beach body…..according to the little chart that came with them I hover in at ideal….but question here; they only measure in one spot…is this really an accurate measurment? the reason why I am asking is that I have extremely stubborn abdominal fat….my legs are hard as a rock and my arms too….but I think that maybe I need the calipers that take the measerement in several places as I do not consider myself bordering lean…fit-yes, very…but not ideal or lean. as Earlier stated I want to lose some inches and I have at least 10-15lbs of fat to lose…. any thoughts?? Cheers in advance guys!!:)

  33. Erica,
    Hi! I totally understand what you’re saying. I feel the same way but all my fat falls to my thighs. So it would seem to make sense that it would measure me different than you.

    There are sites you can search for online that will allow you to take your measurements and plug them into a calculator. This way you can continue using the Beachbody Calipers and use 3-7 measurements.

    I would recommend using the calipers more to check your progress than to know exactly. They will be close but it’s so hard too get exact body fat measurements without doing an immersion test (testing by getting dunked in a pool).

    Make sure when you do test that you are testing the same areas at the same times of day.

    Hope this helps!
    Good Luck

  34. Hey there!!

    the program is going great…can’t believe the results in my strength and flexibility!! I am now in week 10, but already have my plan for when I finish! I will hit it again but I will be modifiying it a bit to allow for my tri training and also for my kick boxing!! Thank you so much for writing me!! What a great community!!! I will definately give my stats from time to time….btw, hitting 6 one arm push ups each arm!! And also 12 wide grip pull ups!! Awesome!! And the flexibility is crazy!! Take care;)

  35. I am considering purchasing this workout program, but am wondering if its ok for me to do. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and weigh approximately 167 pounds, and really cant afford to lose any weight. I run 3-6 miles about 3 times a week, and are in pretty decent shape, and again, I dont want to lose any weight, but would love to build some muscle and tone up. Is this the right program for me?



    1. P90X is “right” for everyone, with an unlimited range of results possible. If you’re no wanting to lose weight, but instead tone or build up, follow the meal plan and add a few hundres good calories. To bulk up, go heavy on the weights with fewer reps during the strength workouts. To lean out, go lighter with more reps.

      I enjoy running, but you need variety. P90X is a great addition to running.

      Email: spydorbyte@gmail.com
      Profile: http://budurl.com/n368
      Blog: http://budurl.com/8mg6

    2. Hi Ray! P90X will be great for reaching the goals you have defined. Just make sure you don’t skimp on eating. Nutrition is very important when building muscle. The P90X Nutrition Guide that comes with P90X will get you started right with eating. And as Scott mentioned, go with heavier weghts. I’d say heavy weights, less reps. No more than 8-10 on each set, and the last two reps should feel like hard work.

      Hope that helps:)


  36. Hello there,
    We purchased our P90X system about a year and a half ago, but I lost the guide that explains what order to do your daily workouts in. I had my baby a couple of months ago, and my doctor has cleared me for this program, but…I remember that it is important to do the workouts in a certain order. I still have all the dvd’s and the nutrition plan, I just don’t know where to begin my plan. Please help, and thank you so much for your time!

    1. Hi Lindsay, if you purchased P90X through Beachbody or a Team Beachbody Coach, you can call customer service to see if they can replace the guide. The number is 800-470-7870. They will look up your name.

      If they can’t replace itfor you, you can sign up for free membership and then have access to a free coach and get access to the workout schedule. You can sign up underany of the coaches on this blog or sign up with this link if you’d like me as your coach https://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/free?referringRepId=37971

      Congrats on the new baby!!


  37. Hello there,

    I purchased a P90X about a year ago, but I have lost my Personal meal plan book and I wanted to know if you could send me another copy or if there a web site for me to look at. Please help and thank you for taking time.

    1. Evelyn, you can call Customer Service and they might be able to send you one (1 (800) 470-7870). As good an idea or better might be to join the Team Beachbody Club. For just $2.99 a week, you can create custom meal plans for P90X just for you. The Meal Planner is excellent and in addition, you get a wealth of other resources, tools and information to get the most out of P90X – Click here to learn more

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