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Invest in Your Health in July and Save Money


I’ve been on this “finish strong” theme all day so I might as well share it here, too.  Even though the last three days have been challenging and I’ve been getting by on too little sleep, two well timed naps of about 20:00 seemed to do the trick.  I actually found an article on my site entitled, “Recognizing and Dealing With Fatigue” that addressed the value of the nap:

 “It is important to remember that the human body requires 7 – 10 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. When we don’t have enough time, the first place we typically cut back is sleep time.

If  you are getting up early to exercise, or staying up late, it is important to adjust your sleep time accordingly. If continuous sleep is not possible, a 20- to 40-minute nap during the day may help.”

Click here for the full article if you want to read it and get some help if you are dealing with fatigue.

Speaking of finishing strong, let’s finish the month strong and save some money in July investing in your health. As just a reminder, there are six Challenge Packs that are on sale now and they all have great Beachbody programs and all include the most nutrient dense shake ever created – that has a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee. Those Challenge Packs are:

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My mission is to get you healthier and fitter and if I can save you some money doing it, that’s even better!