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Is P90X Fun?

You bet! And again, I am not a fitness guru or one of those guys who rides his bike across the country or runs 63 marathons in 63 days. I am an older runner (you know, those skinny types) of average build and no exceptional genes. But, five mornings a week, I do P90X. You can call it going to class with Tony Horton as the teacher and different students in each of the 12 different “classes” or going to the “gym” and working out with Tony Horton and his friends. Either way, the workout DVD route to fitness coupled with the fact that I am working out in the comfort of my own home, is the optimum way for me to enhance and maintain a high level of fitness. In fact, working out at home gives me the opportunity to multi-task and since I work out in the same room as my computer, I can pause P90X if necessary and check and answer customer emails. It also means that my workout time is very compact and efficient because there is no getting dressed for the weather, no drive to the gym and no excuses, since whatever else I might need to do in the time that I am working out (like one of my girls waking up early and wanting Dad time) I can do and still get in a complete workout.

So, yes, P90X is fun and coupled with the fact that it is a complete fitness and nutrition plan, I am blessed to be able to benefit from the opportunity it provides me to optimize my health and fitness while at the same time saving money on gym memberships and adding a lot more minutes to my day.