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Inspiration From the Boards

“Well I would just like to say I jumped into P90X 3 months ago. But let me start at the real beginning. Last October I was laid off of work just out of heartbreaking relationship and had not really worked out in years. So I bought a used crossbow machine and started working out on my own. I saw some progress but wanted so much more. Then I heard about P90X and what caught my attention was the Kenpo X. You see I used to be a kenpo karate instructor and loved it. I went out and ordered the program right away. It was everything and more that I could ask for. Tony Horton’s way of motivation worked for me right away. I found myself high 5ing him after a workout! Big Grin

Anyhow 90 days later I am ripped and @ 6% bodyfat. I can do more pullups and pushups than ever before. My abs look great and my lungs feel like I can suck in the world they feel so strong. I know my weaknesses now also. And am going on to P90X Plus. I also have decided to get a personal trainer certificate and start helping others out there. I loved teaching kenpo back in the day and feel I still have that in me to help others get fit and stay fit.

So if anyone needs some reinforcement and you are feeling depressed about life there are not total answered but P90X kept me going and pulled me to my feet again. I still have a journey to travel but I am on the right path.”

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