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I Took Charge of My Life

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P90X literally saved Mellissa A.’s life. She was unhealthy and very unhappy in her life during her school years. She was outcast by the other kids because of her size, and turned to food for comfort. She began home schooling in high school, and had constant access to food. By the end of high school, she was barely 5 ft. tall, weighed 210 lbs and wore a size 20 jeans. She was so depressed, that some days she couldn’t get out of bed. Read about her struggles and her victories on the path to losing 81 lbs with P90X in her own words, below.

I first heard about P90X when I was at my lowest point in life. I was in such a dark place, depressed and questioning life and then I heard about this 90 day workout program. I felt this spark that I had never felt before. After doing some research, I knew right away that this was going to save my life. I was ready to take on this huge change and challenge in my life. It was basically do or die for me because if I hadn’t decided to change my life I wouldn’t have made it into my 20’s.

My biggest challenge before I started P90X was my lack of motivation to do anything. Some days I felt so awful that I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was severely depressed and never felt so awful and embarrassed. I even felt like I was an embarrassment to my own family. I would find any excuse possible to avoid leaving my house and going out in public, so being home schooled was the best excuse. As I started noticing results from the workouts, I was able to slowly make better food choices and drink more water because I was determined to get the best results possible. I was highly motivated once I started to notice a different in the way I felt, seeing changes in my body and how my clothes fit differently.. eventually my ‘fat’ clothes didn’t fit anymore!

I chose P90X because I wanted to really challenge myself. I wanted to feel alive again for the first time in years. I was inspired by all the people who stuck with it and because of their determination and motivation, they got the results that they wanted! I knew it would be the most challenging thing that I had done in my life but I knew I could do it. At first I could barely manage to get through an entire workout video. I would have to pause it, sit down to catch my breath, and ask myself if I really wanted this. The answer was always YES, so I got up, pressed play again and did the best that I could being over 210 lbs. Eventually it started getting easier each day and before I knew it I was able to finish an entire workout!

I loved that P90X was a challenge and completely out of my comfort zone. Everything was new to me, especially using weights. Being able to follow along with Tony and the other cast members, seeing their determination and great form was very motivating and inspiring. When I first started P90X I could barely make it through the warm up!! I would have to pause it to be able to catch my breath but I knew if I just ‘pressed play’ everyday that it would get easier. Being shown how to modify the moves that I had trouble with at first helped me get through the first couple of weeks until I got stronger.

My life has changed drastically since I started P90X. I started at over 210lbs and barely 5 ft. tall. I would look in the mirror everyday in disgust, I hated every single part of my body. I have lost 81 lbs so far. Not only did I lose weight, but at the same time I gained muscle definition, motivation, confidence, mental clarity and self love. For the first time in my entire life I can finally say that I am truly happy. I took charge of my life and was able to overcome every obstacle that I was dealing with like severe depression and anxiety. For the first time in my life I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I can’t even begin to thank Tony Horton and Beachbody enough for saving my life.

Sizzle in the South

It’s awesome when the physical transformations that Team Beachbody Coaches and customers achieve are recognized by the media.

No doubt, P90X standout and Team Beachbody Coach Demi Bean has turned a lot of heads since her transformation was revealed in our infomercial in 2007. Now it looks like it’s going to turn some pages as well.

Demi was featured recently in the Atlanta, GA based South Magazine, as a winner of their “South’s Greatest Bodies” contest.

Demi discovered Team Beachbody and P90X after the birth of her second child.

“Everything was smushy,” she said. Being a former U.S. Marine, Demi was no stranger to hard work. She quickly adopted the “X” mentality and transformed her body back into shape… and then some.

Her routine now consists of combinations of P90X, P90X+, P90X:2, Insanity-The Asylum, TurboFire, and RevAbs. She also eats strictly vegan with 50% of her diet coming from raw foods.

Demi was chosen as one of five female winners from hundreds of submissions.

Congratulations Demi and Team Beachbody for reaping the rewards of all that hard work!

You can find more about Demi and the other winners here – www.southmagazine.com

Posted April 10th, 2012 on Carl Daikeler’s blog

Being the Fat Kid Was All He Knew

Seth Epley said, “My entire life being the fat kid was the only thing I knew. Every action I took, every insecurity I had, was a result of my weight. People that haven’t been in this kind of situation don’t know how difficult life can be. Not just from a physical standpoint, but mentally as well. One day I simply decided enough was enough. I was 20 years old and straight up not enjoying life. It didn’t seem right to me. It was time to finally make a change – one I had wanted to make for as long as I could remember.

What did Seth do? He ordered P90X and on March 3, 2010, started his first workout.

From that first day I knew I was in for a lot of hard work. I honestly had doubts I would stick it out, but pushed them out of my head and told myself quitting wasn’t an option. It was incredibly tough at first. I was overwhelmed, but the fact that it was so hard for me is what pushed me. It turned out I had a competitive side I didn’t know existed. I wanted to prove to myself and others I could reach my goals – and surpass them.

Seth obliterated his goals. After 90 days he lost 50 pounds! From there he moved to Insanity, then did a hybrid of P90X and Insanity, completed The Asylum and most recently is busting through P90X2

“As far as I’m concerned there’s no limit to what I’m capable of. My life motto has become, “mind over all”. It’s more than words, it’s a lifestyle.”

Intensity and Doing Your Best With P90X

Jerry is a great P90X success story because he is a typical guy who thought that genetics would doom him to being heavy set and having a belly.  He overcame his personal bias against doing workout videos and learned what intensity was.  He also learned that you can do your best and forget the rest and not have to worry about someone at the gym looking at you and saying, “That guy can’t even do 3 reps with 25 pounds or something…”

P90X Success Story Jerry D

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