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Paul Ryan isn’t the Only One!

The Politician And 7 Other Famous Faces Who Love The Workout Program!

From the Huffington Post:  “For better or worse, coverage of newly designated Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan includes his fitness choices. Everyone from The Daily Beast to Politico has devoted space to Ryan’s enthusiasm for the fitness workout regimen, P90X. And, according to a series of articles in Politicolast year, Ryan has encouraged colleagues to get in on the interval training system, a 90-day series that relies on a strategy called “muscle confusion” to tone muscle and encourage fat loss.

‘Nothing against rock hard abs,’ joked Rachel Maddow in a segment devoted to news organizations’ enthusiasm for covering the Congressional P90x fad. ‘I plan to get those after I learn Spanish. But 10 articles [on P90X in Congress] from the premier Beltway news source?'”

See who else is a devotee of P90X in the video below…

Paul Ryan’s workout: Is P90X for you?

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, it shouldn’t matter when it comes to Rep. Paul Ryan’s workout.  I don’t know if this factored into his nomination for Vice President, but here’s an idea of what he’s like as a P90Xer from CNN.com.

“Whether you’re pleased or peeved by Mitt Romney‘s pick for running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, there’s no denying that the politician is a model of good health.

A former personal trainer, Ryan, who stands 6 feet, 2 inches, and weighs 163 pounds with 6%-8% body fat, works out like a warrior and leads fellow Hill staffers in daily morning sessions of the popular 90-day, body-sculpting program called P90X.

‘I’m kind of a workout guy. I’ve always been into it. [Former Mich. Rep.] Bart Stupak and I lead [P90X classes] — there’s about a dozen of us that do it,’ Ryan told Politico. ‘It works because it hits your body in many different ways: pull-ups, sit-ups, lots of cardio, karate, jump training, yoga. It pushes your body…and gets you out of your plateau.’

Even Ryan’s critics, including Washington Post political reporterDana Milbank, acknowledge that the Congressman’s personal health priorities are in the right place:

‘It can only do us good as a nation to have as a role model such a fine physical specimen in high office. Hopefully, Ryan will inspire more Americans to get healthy. That’s important, because if Ryan succeeds in ending Medicare, they won’t be able to afford getting sick.’  Click here to continue reading…