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P90X Did Not Change My Life

Looking for something good to post this afternoon proved fruitless until I saw a comment in one of my Facebook groups.  It was from a friend that I very much admire who hasn’t been successful yet financially as a Team Beachbody coach.  That is not unusual to hear and that same refrain can be heard in a lot of different forums.  For example, lots of people say that, “I’ve been working out for ____________ and I haven’t lost a pound.”  Or, “This was supposed to be the best fishing spot ever, and I haven’t caught a thing.”  Or, “I’ve been practicing for __________________ and I still suck at ____________.”

If you measure success at something only based on a narrow criteria like how much money you made or how many fish you caught or what place you got, then you can often be disappointed.  Sometimes there are other things that you should be aware of that are broader and more significant measures of success.

When I got P90X on March 25th, 2007, it didn’t change my life.  I had been a personal trainer for years and knew how to work out.  I could have used other workouts to get in shape, we all know that.  But when I look back, the concept that Beachbody was using – with a funny and engaging trainer and a group of other people that you could relate to working out with you – that concept did change my life.  I knew then, that other people would enjoy Tony Horton as much as I did and would get results from doing P90X.

I was also, as a Team Beachbody coach, part of a larger picture of what was possible when I got involved in the Team Beachbody community.  People needed advice and I gave it.  People needed inspiration and I provided it.  People needed accountability and I was there for them.  I got a sense of accomplishment from helping other people that changed my life.  I also became a full time Team Beachbody coach and have been able to raise my children, never having to send them to daycare and being part of their lives in everything that they do.

I also began to meet other people in Team Beachbody – other coaches, members and even got to know most of the people at Beachbody because it is more like a family than a company.  They all changed my life in positive ways and over the last almost 6 years (January 8, 2013 is my 6th anniversary as a coach), they have enriched my life in so many incredible ways.

Jim Jacobsen, the coach who is disappointed in not making money yet, is no exception and I wouldn’t have gotten to know him and have him as a friend if it hadn’t been for Team Beachbody.

When I began this post, I was reminded of a SimpleTruths video entitled, “To A Child, Love is Spelled TIME”.  That video shares the same theme.  I would ask that you click on the image below and watch the 3:00 video and see if you don’t agree that what we do in life shouldn’t be measured by narrow criteria, but instead by the positive impact that it has that we may not even be aware of.  The man in the story found out many years too late what one day meant to his son.

To the father, the day was wasted because they didn’t catch any fish. To the son, it was the best day of his life.

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The Honest P90X Blog

Anyone know what a natural bodybuilder is?  They are the ones that don’t use steroids or other performance enhancing drugs to get results.  Well, this is the “Honest P90X Blog”.  The blog for people who bought P90X from a Team Beachbody Coach or through Beachbody.  Or they bought P90X at a garage sale or other legitimate way and want to join the Team Beachbody Club for just $2.99 a week to get the exercise guide and nutrition information that they need to get the best results from P90X.

If you are looking for advice on how to download the workouts for free or where to get the nutrition guide in .pdf format, this blog isn’t for you.  For making a stand on honesty, just in one week, I was called a morron (his spelling), Grandpa (I am 59, probably twice as fit as the person who made the comment and don’t have any grandchildren) and Mr. Righteous and told that I shouldn’t be on the Internet.  I guess that is a small price to pay for wanting more honesty and integrity on the Internet.

So thanks for the latest comment, “Yes for those of you that have the issue of not having the worksheet or P90X schedule workout sheet you should try _________________ and type in P90X. For the nutrition plan book I’ve been  _____________.  I just took out dishonest and unwanted advice!

I think that it is sad that they do business that way

Team Beachbody is an extraordinary company on so many levels and I can say that because I’ve been a Team Beachbody Coach since the very beginning.  It is great people with honesty and integrity doing their utmost to help other people reform their health.  This is a comment that I have to share because it is so disappointing and speaks volumes of the writer:

“I gotthe p90x for my birthday from my doughter dont know how she came by it but I dont have the nutrition plan either. I will try beachbody one more time then I will order the system on my own and return it as thay let you keep that aneyway
I think that it is sad that they do business that way.”

Dude, you have a bootleg version with no guides and you want Team Beachbody to send them to you.  You have the audacity to say, when they don’t want to give them to you, “I think that it is sad that they do business that way.”  But you are willing to order it and return it and keep the guides just to get them and rip them off even more?  I think that it is sad that you do life that way…