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What Can You Expect With P90X

You can expect to be challenged and you can expect results. If you are considering buying P90X or have already purchased it, you had a goal in mind. P90X is an investment in fitness and health that will make you stronger, lower your body fat, guide you to eating better to fuel your workouts and eating just enough to fuel your lifestyle. You will also be guided in your workouts, so that you know what workouts to do on any given day. Each workout DVD consists of a warm up, stretch and then a workout. You will need resistance bands or free weights and a chin up bar (or you can do each chin up or pull up exercise with a resistance band and the technique with the band is fully demonstrated). You don’t need anything else except some floor space in front of a TV and DVD player or you can put the DVD in your computer if it has a DVD drive. Finally, you can expect to get a lot of support and guidance if you choose to become a Million Dollar Body Club member and taking advantage of all of the information that is available including: Thin Kitchen cooking videos, the Transformation Tracker, your own Diary, Fitness Tips and Articles, WOWY Online Gym, access to Trainers and Experts, Message Boards and Chat Rooms and best of all, you are assigned a Million Dollar Body Club Coach who can answer your questions, motivate you and even give you a shoulder to cry on when you need one! These Million Dollar Body Club member resources provide information, tips, advice, peer support and camaraderie

You should not expect P90X to be easy and you should not expect to get results if you are inconsistent with the workouts, do not follow the nutrition guide and eat just to fuel your workouts and daily activities or lead a lifestyle that is inconsistent with success in achieving your goal of improving your fitness and overall health.