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Is P90X Fun?

You bet! And again, I am not a fitness guru or one of those guys who rides his bike across the country or runs 63 marathons in 63 days. I am an older runner (you know, those skinny types) of average build and no exceptional genes. But, five mornings a week, I do P90X. You can call it going to class with Tony Horton as the teacher and different students in each of the 12 different “classes” or going to the “gym” and working out with Tony Horton and his friends. Either way, the workout DVD route to fitness coupled with the fact that I am working out in the comfort of my own home, is the optimum way for me to enhance and maintain a high level of fitness. In fact, working out at home gives me the opportunity to multi-task and since I work out in the same room as my computer, I can pause P90X if necessary and check and answer customer emails. It also means that my workout time is very compact and efficient because there is no getting dressed for the weather, no drive to the gym and no excuses, since whatever else I might need to do in the time that I am working out (like one of my girls waking up early and wanting Dad time) I can do and still get in a complete workout.

So, yes, P90X is fun and coupled with the fact that it is a complete fitness and nutrition plan, I am blessed to be able to benefit from the opportunity it provides me to optimize my health and fitness while at the same time saving money on gym memberships and adding a lot more minutes to my day.

What Can You Expect With P90X

You can expect to be challenged and you can expect results. If you are considering buying P90X or have already purchased it, you had a goal in mind. P90X is an investment in fitness and health that will make you stronger, lower your body fat, guide you to eating better to fuel your workouts and eating just enough to fuel your lifestyle. You will also be guided in your workouts, so that you know what workouts to do on any given day. Each workout DVD consists of a warm up, stretch and then a workout. You will need resistance bands or free weights and a chin up bar (or you can do each chin up or pull up exercise with a resistance band and the technique with the band is fully demonstrated). You don’t need anything else except some floor space in front of a TV and DVD player or you can put the DVD in your computer if it has a DVD drive. Finally, you can expect to get a lot of support and guidance if you choose to become a Million Dollar Body Club member and taking advantage of all of the information that is available including: Thin Kitchen cooking videos, the Transformation Tracker, your own Diary, Fitness Tips and Articles, WOWY Online Gym, access to Trainers and Experts, Message Boards and Chat Rooms and best of all, you are assigned a Million Dollar Body Club Coach who can answer your questions, motivate you and even give you a shoulder to cry on when you need one! These Million Dollar Body Club member resources provide information, tips, advice, peer support and camaraderie

You should not expect P90X to be easy and you should not expect to get results if you are inconsistent with the workouts, do not follow the nutrition guide and eat just to fuel your workouts and daily activities or lead a lifestyle that is inconsistent with success in achieving your goal of improving your fitness and overall health.

Who Can Do P90X

In addition to the post entitled, “Is P90X For You” I would like to offer my opinion as an older athlete with experience as a personal trainer and running coach. I would definitely read what it says and take the test to make sure that you are purchasing the right workout DVD and fitness plan for you. P90X is a real workout, with a real nutrition program that will both fuel your workouts and your goals – whether they are to get stronger and bigger or to lose weight and to get leaner. You won’t see P90X in WalMart and it is not for everyone. If you are obese, please choose another workout DVD from the selection that I provide. If you are older and have never worked out and are looking for something basic and not challenging, again, go to the list of workout programs and select one that best suits you, your current fitness and your fitness personality.

But if I can do P90X, then most other people can, too. In a couple of weeks, I will be 57 and although I run and years ago, I was a personal trainer, that doesn’t mean that I am some super fit freak who can just stand in front of a DVD player and whip out these workouts any more than I could win a marathon. But I look forward every morning to doing my workout and getting stronger and using that strength in all of my daily activities and my running.

Men and women, young and old can do P90X just like they could do another sport or activity if they put their mind to it. Any of the groups, for instance, who offer workouts for marathons, like Team in Training, don’t expect you to be able to run a marathon the day that you join. It is the goal of those that participate, just like doing all of the P90X workouts can be your goal. I didn’t start out by doing every minute of every workout and no one says that you have to (although if you expect results in 90 days, you need to do more than dabble in the workouts and be inconsistent in doing them). I started by doing portions of each workout before I went for a run. My second time doing P90X, which started on November 12 (I stopped doing P90X the first time at the end of August to focus more on my running), I am doing my P90X workout in the early morning and then running in the afternoon and it is going great.

Who can do P90X ? You can. Just like most people can run a 5K or ride a bike a certain distance, it is a matter of doing the workouts appropriately and building up over time with progressive adaption to train your body and prepare it for doing the activity, sport or event that you are training for. And if you are obese or sedentary, start with a different workout, lose weight, get in shape and you, too, will be able to do P90X eventually. It is the ultimate workout and worth making it a goal for just about everyone.