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Is P90X Too Time Consuming?

I was reading some reviews of P90X, I came across this one which happens to be a con: “Its time-consuming. The videos are at minimum an hour, the yoga is a full 90 mins. It can take an hour with start-up and cool-down time. I have a wife and young child, and without the leeway I get to be a bit late in the morning to work I don’t know how I’d be able to fit this program in to my schedule ”

One of my “cons” with P90X also happened to be the amount of time. After a week or two, I got used to the workouts would fast forward through Tony Horton’s chit-chat and start exercising before the people on screen did. This would shave 20 minutes off.

So what do you do? Relax and enjoy the ride or keep the remote handy to get the same workout in less time? Let me know…

Team Beachbody Coach Jessica WattersTeam Beachbody Coach Jessica Watters – Jessica lives in New Jersey and is a devoted work at home mother of 4. She is dedicated not only to her husband and her children, but also to her team of fellow coaches and her thousands of Team Beachbody members nationwide. She has a passion for fitness and helping people lead healthier lives. In 2004 she became a Pilates instructor, then a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. Now she is also a top Diamond Team Beachbody Coach and is ready to help you in every way possible to achieve your health, fitness and positive lifestyle goals. You can learn more about Jessica by visiting her Extreme Fitness At Home blog.

Are you ready for a P90X tattoo?

From Carl Daikeler’s blog:

“I am hearing more and more things about how the fervor around P90X has become even more iconic than any of us could have imagined.

A prominent investment banker got in touch with me to tell me how big a fan he is of P90X, and that he knew we were doing something big when he saw a guy at his gym sporting an actual tattoo across his arm with the P90X logo! A permanent tattoo of our product, on his body! And since then, I’ve received a couple emails of customers who prove the premise… people are more committed to this program than ever!

Yesterday I read on Twitter about Donny Osmond saying ballroom dancing is harder than a P90X workout. And I also heard rumor that American Idol David Archuletta is now twittering about the program.”


P90X Review

“I completed round #1 of P90X in April.  It was one of the most awesome physical experiences of my life.  All the claims you hear on the infomercial are true.  I give the program my highest recommendations.  You can use the 12 workout DVDs for the rest of your life.  Truly amazing!  As I mentioned to you, I have been working with my “P90X coach,” Richard Dafter, who owns the website http://www.HowToBeFit.com.  Rich gave me lots of encouragement throughout my 90 days and answered all my questions.  He also ensured that the products I bought (bands, recovery drink, etc.) were shipped promptly.  I encourage you to visit his website to check out P90X”  –  A friend in Georgia