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I Can’t Do P90X…

Well I can’t run a marathon right now, or if I did, it wouldn’t be pretty and it would take awhile.  But I can run shorter distances and that is the same approach that you should have with P90X – you don’t have to do every minute of each workout, every day from day one.  Just do what you can and get better, stronger and have more endurance with each workout.

P90X was really masterfully put together after years of research on the results from Power 90, that was then used to create P90X.  When done as designed, you will get amazing results after 90 days.  But few people are ready on day one to do each workout completely and get the most benefit from it and the sequence of workouts that follow in a planned order.

If you can’t run 5 miles all at once, then start out doing one mile and building up to to the full five mile distance.  If you can’t do 55:00 of a P90X workout, then how about 20:00?  For some people doing the warm up and the stretch is even a good way to start.  When you watch the P90X video, everything is about, “if you want __________  and if you want __________”.  It is awesome if you want it and you can get it with patience, progressive adaption and perseverance.

Don’t worry about doing every minute when you start, think about getting what you want by the time you finish the program.  Here is my workout plan for the week ahead and even I am only doing three P90X workouts and only 30:00 of each one:

Monday – Run 25:00 – 8:00 am MT
Monday – P90X Chest & Back – 5:00 am MT (only 30:00)
Tuesday – Run 45:00 – 8:00 am MT
Wednesday – Run 25:00 – 8:00 am MT
Wednesday – P90X Core Synergistics – 5:00 am MT (only 30:00)
Thursday – Run 45:00 – 8:00 am MT
Friday – Run 25:00 – 8:00 am MT
Friday – P90X Shoulders & Arms – 5:00 am MT (only 30:00)
Saturday – recovery day
Sunday – Run 1:10:00 – 5:45 am MT

Tony Horton says, “Do your best and forget the rest”, right, so heed the words of the man who help design P90X!


Being the Fat Kid Was All He Knew

Seth Epley said, “My entire life being the fat kid was the only thing I knew. Every action I took, every insecurity I had, was a result of my weight. People that haven’t been in this kind of situation don’t know how difficult life can be. Not just from a physical standpoint, but mentally as well. One day I simply decided enough was enough. I was 20 years old and straight up not enjoying life. It didn’t seem right to me. It was time to finally make a change – one I had wanted to make for as long as I could remember.

What did Seth do? He ordered P90X and on March 3, 2010, started his first workout.

From that first day I knew I was in for a lot of hard work. I honestly had doubts I would stick it out, but pushed them out of my head and told myself quitting wasn’t an option. It was incredibly tough at first. I was overwhelmed, but the fact that it was so hard for me is what pushed me. It turned out I had a competitive side I didn’t know existed. I wanted to prove to myself and others I could reach my goals – and surpass them.

Seth obliterated his goals. After 90 days he lost 50 pounds! From there he moved to Insanity, then did a hybrid of P90X and Insanity, completed The Asylum and most recently is busting through P90X2

“As far as I’m concerned there’s no limit to what I’m capable of. My life motto has become, “mind over all”. It’s more than words, it’s a lifestyle.”

Is P90X The Best Workout Ever?

You will never hear me say that. What you will hear me say is that P90X is the best workout for me. When I bought it from Beachbody in March of 2007, no one had told me about it, I had never seen an infomercial and didn’t know anything about it except what I read on the website and it looked very good.

I was an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for more than a dozen years, going to people’s homes when I lived in New Jersey, working briefly in a club, The Training Sensation, here in Albuquerque (I didn’t like it) and then finally having people come to my home to work out.

When I added a sunroom to my house in 2002, it was designed to accommodate the equipment that I had – complete set of hex head dumbbells and an Olympic weight bench with bars, attachments and a full set of plates. In addition, I purchased a Body Solid Multigym and a Smooth 9.1 HR treadmill (the gym was about $2,400 at the time and I had to assemble it from six boxes that were delivered to my door and the treadmill was about the same price).

Richard Dafter - June 2004

Big mistake, in many ways. The gym was boring and I had to make myself use it and I never used the treadmill because I just ran outside given Albuquerque’s great weather. I have a picture of me standing in front of the gym in June 2004 and you can see that the results are far from impressive.

Now let’s fast forward almost four years and I have discovered P90X. It cost $129.95 and I bought a P90X Chin Up Bar for $54.95. I have a dust covered multigym and treadmill in my sunroom that is taking up way too much space and I would have to disassemble the gym before I had any idea of selling it or even giving it away. I already dissassemled the weight bench and it is packed away in the garage.

The treadmill and the gym cost about $4,800.00 and P90X and the chin up bar cost me $184.90 (I already had the dumbbells, but the set would cost about $100.00 or so).

Is P90X the best workout ever? Everyone who is selling a product these days says that their product is the “best ever”, so you have to figure that out on your own. Is P90X the best workout for me? Yes. I am 57 and in less than 2 months using P90X, this is my transformation from January 30, 2008 to April 4, 2008.

Richard Dafter - January 30, 2008 Richard Dafter - April 4, 2008

How do you think I will look at the end of 90 days? Do you understand why I would say that P90X is the best workout for me? Can you imagine what P90X could do for you?