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P90X2 A Slam Dunk?

Steve Edwards in his Straight Dope blog has a great post about Jeremy Evans who won the NBA slam dunk competition on All Star Weekend.  Steve says, “In this video of Evans training at P3 you’ll see him doing a lot of the same movements we do in P90X2, including the exact same PAP movements (step-up convicts to split squats).

The Top 10 Questions About P90X2 – By Steve Edwards

What’s the difference between P90X® and P90X2? This is the question of the year, and it can’t be answered in a simple sentence, or even one article. So I’ve written this series to help you decide whether or not P90X2 is the program for you. I wish I could tell all of you that P90X2 is right for you, but I’m too responsible for that. I’m sure one of Beachbody’s huge collection of programs will work for each of you, but if you want to know specifically whether that right one is P90X2, read on.  Continued…