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Save Money on P90X – Start the New Year Right!

So you spent a lot of money at Christmas and over the holidays and you can’t afford the gym membership that you really need to take off all of the pounds that you put on in the last month, plus the ones that you already had to lose.

You can buy P90X and get one of the most effective workout DVD’s ever created.  That would be my first solution.  But what if you want to save a little money and get something even more effective than P90X?  The answer – a Challenge Pack that includes P90X, a months supply of Shakeology – the best replacement drink and meal replacement all in one that was ever created – plus a full month’s membership in the Team Beachbody Club.

You can get all 3 and save $54.00.  There is no better way to start the new year and start a new workout program than to have the fuel that you body needs to succeed and the energy that your body needs to get through the workout and recover to do it again the next day.  Add to that all of the information, resources, tools, support and accountability that you get from your Team Beachbody Club membership and you have just reached the promised land of health and fitness.

Want to learn more about the Challenge Pack that includes P90X, Shakeology and the free month of the Club membership?  Just click here, enter The Beachbody Challenge and purchase your ticket to fitness success!

The Honest P90X Blog

Anyone know what a natural bodybuilder is?  They are the ones that don’t use steroids or other performance enhancing drugs to get results.  Well, this is the “Honest P90X Blog”.  The blog for people who bought P90X from a Team Beachbody Coach or through Beachbody.  Or they bought P90X at a garage sale or other legitimate way and want to join the Team Beachbody Club for just $2.99 a week to get the exercise guide and nutrition information that they need to get the best results from P90X.

If you are looking for advice on how to download the workouts for free or where to get the nutrition guide in .pdf format, this blog isn’t for you.  For making a stand on honesty, just in one week, I was called a morron (his spelling), Grandpa (I am 59, probably twice as fit as the person who made the comment and don’t have any grandchildren) and Mr. Righteous and told that I shouldn’t be on the Internet.  I guess that is a small price to pay for wanting more honesty and integrity on the Internet.

So thanks for the latest comment, “Yes for those of you that have the issue of not having the worksheet or P90X schedule workout sheet you should try _________________ and type in P90X. For the nutrition plan book I’ve been  _____________.  I just took out dishonest and unwanted advice!

Chat with Tony Horton

Two weeks to go to the next chat with Tony Horton on Monday March 29, 2010 at 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET.  Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to chat live with the master of motivation. Use this special opportunity to ask your questions and get valuable advice from the creator of Power 90® and P90X®.  Also, don’t forget, you can also visit Tony’s Corner where he will help you improve your health, physique, and lifestyle with the perfect mix of encouragement, humor, discipline, and fun.  Available to Team Beachbody Club members only!  To join the Team Beachbody Club, click here.

Get the Most Out of P90X with WOWY the Virtual SuperGym

P90X, as you have found out or will find out, is an outrageously effective and fun program.  It works and you want to just keep doing it.

You can get even more out of P90X, though, by either becoming a free member or Club member of the Team Beachbody community.

Why, because either way, you have access to WOWY, the virtual SuperGym, which will actually schedule your workouts for you and every time that you log into the “gym”, do your workout and then log out, you are eligible to win that day’s prize for working out.  Six days a week the prize is either $300 in cash or merchandise like iPods or camcorders, etc. worth $300.00 and one day a week there is a $1,000 prize.  It is absolutely free to log into WOWY and if you want to try it as a free member, click here.

Another fun thing about WOWY is that you can meet other people at any time of the day or night who are working out and feeling great.  WOWY is like social networking for fitness and you are guaranteed to meet other people who share a common interest in fitness and health.  These are people of all ages, genders, races and nationalities from all over the country who have all said yes to being healthy.

You owe it to yourself to get the most out of P90X, so join us today.  Who knows, you could also be $300 or a $1,000 richer just for working out.  See you in the gym!